What equipment is necessary for spring camping

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-10

Tent is indispensable for camping in the wild. Tent can not only provide us with a comfortable resting environment, but also shelter us from the wind and rain, so as to ensure that we are full of energy for tomorrow's trip. If the tent is to be protected from heavy rain, the waterproof technical index of the PU coating should be above 1500MM. Those leisure-level tents do not have the rainproof function. At present, the inflatable tent can meet the functions of camping, windproof and rainproof.

The selection of sleeping bags is based on volume and light weight. Although down sleeping bags meet the standards, they are not suitable for use in humid environments, because they are not easy to dry when wet, but if they are When going to a cold environment, a down sleeping bag is better for keeping warm. Sleeping bags filled with Dubang cotton are more suitable for camping in wet environments.

In field activities, it is necessary to consider that severe weather may be encountered at any time, or it may be forced to move forward in difficult environments, so prepare two sets of functional clothes, Han underwear and jackets are suitable for windy and rainy weather. If you go to a place where there is not often strong wind and rain, prepare a raincoat and a windbreaker.

Medicines and tools may seem inconspicuous, but they are all necessary. Whether you are exercising outdoors for one day or more, be sure to bring medicines and tools. tool. Common medicines include: antidiarrheal medicines, antipyretics, anti-inflammatory medicines, rubbing alcohol, wind essential oil, band-aids, gauze, blades, scissors, etc. If there are many snakes, bring snake medicine.

Camping tools include: headlamps and batteries for lighting, a compass to prevent getting lost, a multifunctional folding knife, a sewing box for repairing clothing, and a fire of lighters or matches, and sunglasses suitable for plateaus or snow.

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