What are the must-have equipment for crossing the desert?

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-10

The desert has a very special environment. The raging wind and sand and the changing temperature all explain the harsh environment of the desert. However, although crossing the desert is difficult and dangerous, it still can't stop you from liking it. Adventure, the footsteps of people who like challenges, desert crossing requires not only the courage to face difficulties, but also adequate preparation. Some of the equipment listed below will definitely escort your desert trip.

1. Food and water

Seniors who have experienced desert crossing tell you, don't forget to bring these equipments!

Why do you put food and water in the first place, because everyone needs to eat and drink water. In the desert, water is the real source of life. When preparing to cross the desert, you must calculate the required time in advance, Bring enough food and water.

Among them, the water volume is controlled at 3-4 liters per person in 24 hours. The water volume can be increased moderately from May to October, and can be appropriately reduced from November to April.

Food is light, high-calorie, less perishable, and does not consume water. During the journey, pay attention to replenishing energy with road meals in time. It is recommended to supplement high-energy foods in small amounts at 9-10 am and 3-4 pm.

Second, GPS positioning and navigation

Seniors who have experienced desert crossing tell you, don't forget to bring these equipments!

The desert is no better than the plain area, and the reference object is limited and it is easy to lose the direction, so you must do a detailed route planning before traveling, you must be proficient in using GPS positioning and navigation, if there is no GPS, you can use the compass for periodic positioning , the positioning angle is 318 degrees (45 degrees northwest). The big sand dunes and passes in the desert can be used as reference objects, and the reference objects must be kept in mind.

3. Wind and sand prevention equipment

Seniors who have experienced desert crossing tell you, don't forget to bring these equipment!

Sandstorms and strong winds are likely to be encountered in the desert, and some necessary windproof equipment must be brought along, such as: sand-proof and wind-proof glasses, high-power sunscreen, headscarf, gloves, sand-proof feet Covers, hats, etc. Because the sand is soft and consumes a lot of energy, try to use light equipment.

Fourth, camping, wearing equipment

Seniors who have experienced desert crossing tell you, don't forget to bring these equipment!

Tent: The choice of tent needs to be windproof, sandproof and wear-resistant. Ordinary ground nails are not suitable for camping in the desert. You need to choose sand nails, snow nails or V-shaped nails. Remember to bring some convenient bags and attach sand to the four corners of the inflatable tent. The wind rope is also tightened in this way to prevent strong winds at night.

Sleeping bag: Pay attention to the temperature scale, choose a down sleeping bag first, which is light and warm.

Shoes: Use high tops with snow covers to prevent sand from blistering.

Clothing: The temperature difference between day and night in the desert is large, and quick-drying and fleece need to be prepared. At the same time, in the face of hot day and night, the jacket is not very useful. The outer layer is mainly light and windproof clothing, which has good air permeability. The essential.

Walking stick: A walking stick with blood support reduces the pressure. Crossing the desert is very exhausting. A walking stick can help you a lot.

V. Drugs and Risk Defense

Seniors who have experienced desert crossing tell you, don't forget to bring these equipments!

Medications: Anti-diarrhea, heatstroke prevention, anti-inflammatory and eye drops are especially important. If you have experience, you can bring a bottle of glucose injection and a hanging bottle catheter to give first aid to people with heat stroke or dehydration. Another function of the hanging bottle tube is enema. If the water source is not clean enough, the intestinal wall of the enema will absorb part of the water. The same is true for bringing raisins. Send raisins into unclean water, and the cell walls of the grape skins will absorb clean water, and when you eat them together with raisins, you can also replenish water.

Tinder: Carry fire with you. If you go missing, you can find sandy plants to ignite and send out a smoke signal.

Small mirror: The light reflection signal of small mirror or aluminum platinum life-saving blanket is also very effective. Once lost, be calm to avoid water flow, and wait for the rescue to emit smoke or light signal.

Satellite phone: It is necessary to equip in areas without mobile phone signal, and it can be used at a critical moment.

Finally, it is recommended to travel with the group as much as possible. Supplies, and there must be experienced guides in the group, so that it is more reassuring

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