Instructions For Inflatable Sport Game


We manufacture a complete line of Inflatable sports and this Owner's Manual is written to be compliant with all of these inflatable sports. There are however, items and inventory that will be specific to certain Inflatable sports types. Please view the detailed sports Instructions for that specific sports for further information.

·  Take a few moments to inspect your product upon arrival and identify the inventory of all items.

·  Contact joy inflatable for assistance if necessary. We will work diligently to help with any questions you may have.

Guangzhou joy inflatable limited


·  Heavy Duty top grade Vinyl.


·  Stronger and longer life.

·  More resistant to wear.

·  Base Floor Tie Downs incorporate 2 inch steel rings.

·  Secures more firmly.

·  No twisted webbing.

·  Stronger and safer.

·  ALL seams are made using a double row stitch; with 270# bonded U/V and chemical resistant threads.

·  Stronger and more secure.

·  More resilient to wear.

·  Participant confidence.

·  Outside Binding on Seams.

·  Decorative finishing that adds reinforcement.

·  Reinforced Grommets.

·  Strength and lasting quality.

·  Reinforced flooring.

·  Stress points and travel lanes are strengthened to provide extra durability.

Blowers - We use quality High Output Blowers for all of our inflatable products.

Power / Volts:

1.5 - 2 h.p.
220/240 50 Hz

Rugged plastic housing, low noise and very portable.

                                                            Safety Rules and Guidelines 

When operated properly, and according to the following guidelines, Inflatable sports are a safe, fun form of entertainment that will thrill participants at any event. It is imperative that operators and participants follow these Safety Rules and Guidelines when operating their sports.

Remember, it is the Operator that is ultimately responsible for the majority of injuries that occur on Inflatable sports. 

·  If power should go off during the time that participants are on a sports, the product may deflate rapidly. Ask all occupants to immediately sit down, then a responsible sports Attendant should direct the evacuation of all sports Participants.

·  DO NOT operate the sports with winds in excess of 20 m.p.h., or at temperatures less than 40°F.

·  Unload participants and deflate the Inflatable sports if winds become excessive.

·  Use an adequate three-wire extension cord ( min. 12 gague for 50' ). Never cut or remove the grounding pin from the cord.

·  Before staking into the ground, obtain marking and location of all underground utilities, irrigation pipes, electrical wires, gas lines, or telephone cables.

·  Always ensure that there is adequate clearance both above and around the sports. Be aware of tree limbs and electrical wires that may pose a hazard.

·  DO NOT allow anyone at the rear of the sports or near the inflation Blower and power supply.

·  DO NOT put fingers/hand near Blower motor when on.

·  Always limit participants to the number specified for that particular Inflatable sports and ensure that all entries/exits are properly secured for participant use.

sports Operators must make customers aware of the following information before allowing them to participate on any Inflatable sports. We recommend having a sign made that can be placed in front of the sports, printed with large enough text to be read from a minimum distance of 50 feet from the sports area.

We want you to have the most fun possible while helping maintain the highest level of safety for both Operators and sports Participants.

Participants should not engage in a sports if they have any of the Following Conditions: 

· Current or previous injury to the back or neck.

· Chronic knee or other joint conditions.

· Any respiratory conditions, including but not limited to asthma or bronchitis.

· Any heart related or circulatory conditions.

· Pregnancy.

Remember, these sportss do require a certain amount of physical exertion, and you must judge for yourself your ability to participate.

Participants should do the following for their own Personal Safety while on an Inflatable sports:

· Remove all loose jewelry and/or clothing.

· Remove rings, bracelets, watches and earrings.

· Remove shoes.

· Follow the attendant’s instructions closely.


If you have any questions, or are unsure of your ability to participate, ask the sports OPERATOR for assistance.


Site Layout

1. Pick a location free from overhead electrical power or telephone lines. Location should be free from trees that could damage or stain the Inflatable sports. An unobstructed area should be maintained with a 5-foot clearance around and above the sports perimeter.

2. Contact all local utility companies and have all underground utility lines, cables, and wires, properly marked so accidental contact does not occur.

3. Ensure there are no underground irrigation pipes or other utilities that the property owner has installed.

4. Place your ground cover sheet over the site where you want the Inflatable sports to stand.

5. Keep the front of the Inflatable sports clear and accessible at all times.

Recommended Tools and Equipment 

· Sledge hammer.

· Hand truck or dolly.

· Pair(s) safety glasses.

· Ground liner sheet.

· extension cord.

Set-Up Procedures

1. Unroll and position the Inflatable sports on the ground liner with the inflation tube located to the rear of the sports. Note: If rolled up properly, the rear of the sports is the end where you start unrolling. ( Make a mental note of how the outside seams of the sports are positioned as you unroll the sports. This will be useful we you reroll the sports later ).

2. Stake the Inflatable sports down before inflation. Be sure the stake heads are away from the sports to avoid abrasion or nicking while hammering stakes.

3. Locate the inflation fan ( Blower ) in an area that is not in a direct pathway to the sports if possible. Be sure the Blower Fan is on a flat and dry surface.

4. Plug Blower Fan power cord into GFI adapter, then plug adapter into the extension cord. Connect the Blower Fan cone to the Inflation Tube. Most sportss have two Inflation Tubes. Use the one that is most convenient, or will cause the least amount of obstruction.

5. Plug the extension cord into the power source. Check the operation of the GFI breaker before use.

6. NOTE: Each BLOWER FAN should have its own breaker and/or power source as a safety backup.

7. Locate the on/off switch ( if applicable ) on the Blower Fan and turn it on. Observe the inflation of the sports as it rises and watch for any overhead obstacles.

8. Check the Inflation Tube to make sure it is properly attached to the Blower Fan cone.

9. Once inflated, check the sports for any rips, tears, holes, or damaged seams.

10. When properly inflated, all areas of the sports will become pressurized and firm.

General Operating Procedures

· DO NOT operate the sports with winds in excess of 20 m.p.h. Check stakes regularly to ensure they are tight.

· Check the Blower Fan / Inflation Tube regularly to ensure there isn’t any air leakage around fan cone.

· Check the GFI connection and breaker at least once per event after the initial set-up of the sports.

· Observe maximum occupancy rules for that sports.

· Operator should make sure that no one enters the sports with shoes on, eyeglasses, or sharp objects in their hair, clothing or on their person.

· Prohibit excessive rough housing by participants.

Operating Instructions While in Use


· Operator should point out and make participants aware of the posted warning labels and safety rules.

· Operator should remove any debris from the area prior to allowing participants on the Inflatable sports.

· Operator should observe persons at all times while they are on an Inflatable sports. Operator should be close enough to be able to warn against flips, piling on, wrestling, climbing on sides/nets, or other horseplay.
Operator should ask anyone doing these things, after being warned once, to exit the sports.

· Operator should watch for signs of deflation such as sagging, excessive wrinkling, or distortion. If these are observed, they should ask participants to exit the sports safely and remain calm, as there is no danger.

· Operator should keep all spectators outside the sports and maintain at least a 3-foot perimeter away from it.

· Operator must be familiar with all State and Local guidelines pertaining to the use and operation of Inflatable sportss in their area.

Care and Cleaning of Inflatable sportss

· DO NOT use chlorine based cleanser or bleach to clean an Inflatable sports, as this may damage the threaded seams and fire resistance of the vinyl. WARRANTY VOID if deterioration from incorrect cleansers or solvents is detected.

· Use water and/or an approved cleanser sparingly by “sponging” it onto the sports surface. Excessive water may penetrate the seams and collect inside the sports causing mildew and unwanted odors to occur.

· Blowing air through a sports will help dry the interior. Baking soda will help remove mildew and odors.

· NEVER roll up or pack a sports while damp, unless you plan to dry it that same day before storage.

Deflation and Packing Instructions

Before Deflation

· Clean and dry sports ( See sports CLEANING )
Be sure there is a quality broom or air blower available to sweep the sports surface free of any debris. Check to make sure that no sharp objects have fallen into the seams of the sports, ie. pens, pencils, etc. . . Items such as these can cause damage to the sports during the rolling up process.

· Inspect for any damage and repair as necessary.

· Before breaking down any sports, you should remove all accessories that may be applicable to that sports. This may include items such as harnesses, backing plates, bungee cords, etc... Buckle any plastic snaps to reduce the possibility of entanglement in the mesh.

· Do not allow any persons near the rear of the sports or near the electric Blower Fan at any time.

Deflating the sports

1. Unplug the electric Blower Fan at the power source.

2. Loosen inflation tube strap and remove the tube from the Blower Fan cone. Make sure the tube is pulled away from the fan and straightened, so it can be used allowing air to escape during deflation.

3. Open and secure any deflation flaps on the Inflatable sports.
Allow the sports to drop in a natural state. An Inflatable sports will take between 5-15 minutes to completely deflate.

4. Walls may have a tendency to fall outward. These will need to be repositioned back towards the middle of the sports before folding.

DO NOT SHIFT THE sports BASE WHILE DEFLATING. Moving the Base of the sports will make proper folding difficult.

5. While the sports is deflating, remove any stakes then place Blower Fan and extension cord in storage.

6. Earlier in these instructions you were advised to note the location of the Outside Seams. Generally these are indicated by a colored Binding Strip along the Base of the sports. Once the sports has deflated, fold the outside walls inwards towards the middle. Try to make this fold as neat and flat as possible. You will now SEAM OUT the sports, by pulling out and exposing the Outside Seams.

7. Folding - You will need a second person to assist in folding the sports. Fold the sports into thirds, one side at a time. Walk down each side and straighten out the fold where necessary. Once you make the folds you will notice that there is air still inside the sports. Start at the front and walk in stocking feet towards the rear of the sports to push out and remove any remaining air.

When completed, the sports should be approximately 3-4 feet in width x the length of the sports.

8. sports Roll - Before rolling, make sure at least one of the Inflation Tubes is extended from the sports to allow any remaining air to escape. Air will be forced out as the sports is rolled. Remember that inflation/deflation tubes will eventually need to be tucked inward.

DO NOT ROLL sports FROM THE REAR. Future set-up is much easier when the sports is properly rolled.

9. Flatten end tightly and roll the sports as you would a sleeping bag, keeping outside edges even. Roll the sports all the way and cover any metal rings, buckles and snaps to prevent abrasion to the play area and surface of the Inflatable sports.

10. The finished roll will be very heavy and a sports strap should be used to secure the roll once complete. Place strap ends between the metal buckles and the sports surface to reduce abrasions to the sports while in transport and storage.

11. Stand sports up on its end, placing storage bag over it and cover. Work sports Bag down to bottom, then stand it on the opposite end and close the bag.

Larger Units will use a sports Wrap that the Inflatable sports can be easily rolled onto. sports Wrap panels are then pulled over the sports and secured with ties.

12. The Inflatable sports is now ready for proper storage and you are ready for your next event. . .

            How to repair Inflatable sports 

All the products are stay inflated by electric-powered blower. Electrical blower is constantly blowing air into the them, and air escapes through porous, small punctures and seams along stitchings. You may hear whistles when air escapes out of the inflatable bounce house, or even see air bubbles in water slide. This is perfectly normal. As long as theproduct is stay inflated with constantly blowing air blower, you do NOT have to repair your inflatable. They are designed to loose some air, otherwise the bouncer may pop when kids jump on it.

In order to prevent the risk of demage to your goods, please refer sefe rule.

What happens if the inflatable does not stay inflated with constantly blowing air blower? You'll need to repair the tears with tear aids, or stitchings. Most products come with patches and repair kits. If you do not have a repair kit, you may find a patch kit in store. To repair tears on an inflatable, please follow the simple steps below.

1. Cut out the patch that is larger and longer than the tearing place .

2. The patch must be cut in a circle or have rounded eges to prevent peeling.                                                            

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