To build an inflatable tent, should the ground nails or be inflated first?

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-06-12

When building an inflatable tent, whether to inflate or drill first, many people are confused. In fact, the order of this operation is really important, because we have a batch of desert camouflage tents. Everyone knows that sometimes in the desert The gust of wind was quite strong, and suddenly a gust of wind came, and within a few seconds, the four tents flew into the sky instantly and disappeared.

Talking from experience: should you set up a tent with ground nails or props first to inflate the air column?

A friend who favors nailing the ground first said: Of course, when setting up a tent, the ground nails are first driven. At least there are two advantages to the ground nails first. The tent is flat with ground nails and you can pull it flatter, so that it will look better. Second, it is to prevent you from setting up the inner tent, and when you go to get the outer tent, a strong wind will blow away your inner tent.

The friend who thought that the tent poles should be supported first said: I always support the tent poles first, and after the tents are all set up, I finally put down the nails to prevent the wind Rope, if I need to get out of the tent before hitting the pegs, I'll throw the pack in the tent as a whole, usually, the tent won't blow away.

The specifics should be determined according to the actual situation:

Usually when setting up tents You can unhurriedly take out the inflatable tent, lay the ground cloth first, then lay the inner tent, set up the tent poles, pick it up and sort out the shape, then hit the ground nails, hang the outer tent, and pull the wind rope. .

In the case of strong winds, the ground cloth will fly away, so you need to fix it with ground nails first, then put on the tent poles, and set up the tent at one time, or the ground The nails are semi-fixed and adjusted after the external account is paid out.

When it rains, first fix the ground nails halfway, then put the ground cloth and the outer tent together, and then drill in and hang the inner tent. Finally, lay the ground nails on the outer tent and tighten the wind rope.

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