The use of inflatable tent

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-03-06
Many customers don't know how to use after the inflatable home, or when using should pay attention to what problem. The following considerations: first, when installed in mud or sand, need to dig drainage around the perimeter of the inflatable tent, ensure that the inflatable tent mainland dry. Second, if you need to tent when cooking, flame must be far away from the tarpaulin or use fire prevention board isolation flame cooking people never leave the tent, must complete the fire extinguishing measures, and to install the exhaust fan to eliminate the smell of cooking. Third, when know in advance the local wind reached more than 8, be sure to remove tents, or use the nail pull on the rope fixed tents, prevent damage and loss of damage. Fourth, be sure to dry when using dispatched tarpaulin, wait for dry after stored after folding, if too late to dry, that also cannot place time is too long, lest fade and mildew. Fifth, according to the local environment, regular air tarpaulins, prevent bacteria from growing.
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