The use and maintenance of inflatable tents

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-20

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the 'heat expansion and cold contraction' is enough to reflect on the inflatable tent.

1. When using inflatable tents in summer, the lid of the pressure reducing valve should be opened to avoid excessive pressure, direct sunlight, and the air pressure will rise. The pressure set by the pressure reducing valve through the tent will automatically discharge the pressure.

2. The quick inflation port is used to inflate the tent quickly. After the inflation is completed, please pay attention to the black valve cover not to forcefully twist it, otherwise there will be air leakage afterward, and it is sufficient to ensure that it does not leak.

3. Try not to pull hard before use. Uneven ground or sharp stones dragging back and forth will reduce the service life of the tent. It is necessary to prevent sharp objects from piercing and scratching the air column, such as (knives, needles, Such as sharp objects) The tent has a bigger hole, which makes the tent sag obviously. You can use the air pump to quickly replenish the air to avoid the collapse of the tent, and make sure that there is no problem before repairing.

4. Prevent artillery and other items from being fired at close range, and the distance is 10 meters away. Special attention is paid to some powerful flammable and explosive materials.

5. The problem of tent windproof: there is no problem in normal use of 7-8 winds, and precautions should be taken in advance. Pull it up to avoid the sudden wind and then prevent it from being too late.

6. Tent window zipper: If the tent zipper is stuck somewhere or cannot be pulled, it is recommended that you pull it back and gently pull it a few times, try not to pull it hard to avoid damage to the zipper. You can regularly apply some candles to the teeth of the zipper for maintenance.

7. Retractable car: When the tent is deflated, all windows should be opened in advance to prevent the deflation from appearing at the same time, and the adhesive tape will be misplaced. (Avoid damage to the tent itself when using it next time)

8. How to use the air pump: If the stop state occurs under normal inflation, the switch cannot be used. This is the automatic operation of the air pump itself. The temperature control insurance has been opened (it is automatic protection), you only need to wait a few minutes, which is normal. If you use it in direct sunlight in summer, you can use it above the air pump in advance.

9. How to use the living cloth: Before the tent is full of air and the table is not set, the living cloth should be withdrawn and saved in advance to avoid getting dirty. After the living cloth is removed, there will be a circle around the bottom of the tent. If the adhesive tape leaks out, stick a circle of 20 cm wide PVC strips to the air column to avoid walking back and forth and stepping on the adhesive tape.

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