The status quo of inflatable tents | The development history of high-pressure inflatable tents

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-14

Current situation of inflatable tents|History of development of high pressure inflatable tents

Inflatable tents have a history of more than 50 years in foreign countries. In China, they began to develop, design and produce in 2006.

High pressure tents have a development history of more than 30 years in foreign countries and 3-5 years in China.

High pressure tents can be divided into European and American high pressure inflatable tents according to the style.

The difference between high pressure tents and low pressure tents;

The pressure value of high pressure tents: 0.5mpa (inflatable tents must have an exhaust pump)

The pressure values u200bu200bof low pressure tents: 18-25kpa inflation is generally 70-80pa, which is more suitable for short-term camping.

Current situation of high-pressure inflatable tents and advantages of high-pressure inflatable tents:

1. There are portable aluminum brackets on both sides of domestic high-pressure inflatable tents. Auxiliary support, can also be used to hang maps, lamps, instruments, etc.

2. Domestic high-pressure inflatable tents have thermal insulation linings, and customers can adjust and replace them according to their needs (epidemic prevention).

3. Compared with foreign high-pressure inflatable tents, domestic high-pressure tents have thicker air-ribbed tubes, tear-resistant and wear-resistant, waterproof and flame-retardant, pressure-resistant, leak-proof, cold-resistant, rain-snow-resistant and more stable.

4. The domestic high-pressure inflatable tent is one-piece inflatable. The inflatable equipment is a portable trolley box-type air compressor, which is small in size and easy to carry. When the air pressure of the air rib tube is insufficient, it can self-supply and inflate. The pipes are laid inside, which plays a very good role in preventing rain.

5. The domestic high-pressure tents use general-purpose special accessories (doors and windows), which are convenient for the adjustment and connection of the tent. Compared with zippers and hook and loop fasteners, they are more durable and not easy to be damaged.

6. The circuit of the domestic high-voltage tent is directly laid on the inside of the tent, and it is more convenient and quicker when the tent is unfolded and used at one time.

7. The material of domestic high-pressure tents is made of PVC, which has the properties of avoiding light, self-cleaning, waterproof, mildew-proof, cold-resistant, aging-resistant, etc. (multiple colors are available for customers to choose).

8. Compared with foreign high-voltage tents, domestic high-voltage tents can be processed and manufactured according to customer needs (including colors), and the after-sales service is more guaranteed, and the delivery period is more guaranteed.

Pictures of high pressure inflatable tents:

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