The purpose of the inflatable tent, use method

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-03-06
Inflatable tent, is through gas will balloon expansion to form a certain rigid cylinder, such tents mountain at present by many tourists some hobby enthusiasts, so inflatable tent considerations and what is the mode to use, small make up today for everyone to share. One, use the main scope of use: 1, camping accommodation 2, 4, 3, material warehouse temporary command office temporary restaurant dining room, etc. Second, the main technical performance 1, this tent for inflatable structures, have inside, outside the tent, QianHouMen two fan, side wall on both sides of the ventilation window ( Equipped with gauze, transparent film, curtains, etc. ) 。 2, the size of the projection of this tent for: 8. 6 * 6. 6 * 3. 5m ( An area of 56. 76㎡) The interior dimensions of the tent is: 8. 0 * 6. 0 * 3. 2m ( An area of 48. 0㎡) Available in 5-3, inflatable tent By 2-8 min Construction completed and put into use 4 5 people, exhaust at eight By 2 - within 10 minutes Operation and packaging is 5, 5 people wind loading or greater magnitude 8. Three, erection and roll-up 1, open the packing: first remove tents from the bag, spread on the ground, Make sure that the ground is flat sharp objects) And fully expanded, flattening tents. ( Image for reference) Inflatable tent use 2, for inflatable tent: ( 1) Open the valve cover, tent with filling valve: ( Image for reference) ( 2) Unscrew the inlet and vent valve bonnet, with electric pump inlet valve port is charging, when a tent can completely set up, remove the electric pump, screw on the plug. ( 3) Pneumatic air pressure to open the relief valve, with hand press the air column slightly soft advisable. 3, a fixed rope: use a rope and brazing fixed tents, pull on the rope with cloth diagonal direction alignment or Angle of 45 ° direction and tent. 4, power supply connection: if tents to light from an external power supply wire, through the outer tent side valve caps, wear the power connection between the internal and external tarpaulins, tents along the column can be caused by the power supply center top; If you need other electric facilities, power supply can be lead through into the tent outside the valve cover, from inside out and put into use at the bottom of the tent. 5, tent after use need to pack up: ( 1) Unlock the fixed rope and roll up. ( 2) Unscrew the valve plug counterclockwise, press the valve core, make the gas release, then the electric pump air duct lock into the electric pump outlet, with a vent valve port, and then the residual gas pumped and will tighten all the cover. ( 3) About folding, tents along the lateral inward can be folded in half and then folded in half, and then along the longitudinal order folding in one direction, into the sack. 6, maintenance: ( 1) If accidentally cut or puncture tents, to repair in time, 2) Clean cut parts and uniform coating ( 3) The cloth of cut to size and uniform coating ( 4) Air is basked in 2 - 3 minutes, will stick to cut cloth parts and pressed firmly
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