The main purpose of hardy inflatable tent

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-03-05
Purpose: fire emergency rescue, flood relief, field construction, army camp, field hospitals, temporary office, leisure holidays such as hardy inflatable tent science with advanced computer simulation technology for product development and design; Hardy inflatable tent using polymer materials with excellent performance and special protective effect and the organic integration of modern high-tech. Hardy inflatable tent structure framework ( Inflatable) Form, the framework USES the high cold-resistant rubber coated cloth, tarpaulin USES TPU high strength cold flame retardant materials, materials with high tensile strength, rigidity, good air tightness, light weight, small wind resistance, waterproof, thermal insulation, cold resistance, sound insulation performance is good, remove the simple installation, easy to carry, the characteristics of the exterior design is beautiful, comfortable living. For camping, field construction, fire protection, disaster relief, emergency, travel and play a variety of environments. Hardy inflatable tent suitable for spring in the northern region winter such as large temperature difference between day and night environment. Hardy inflatable tent and has a solid, durable, bending, no peeling, resist exposure, strong wind resistance, etc. Hardy inflatable tent with high stability, strong cold resistance, shear distribution characteristics of strong wind, no rain. And can according to customer's specific requirements, set by filling vent valve, safety valve, instrument interface, etc. General configuration for the repair material, foot pump, electric pump, inflatable short tube or inflatable tee. The main function of hardy inflatable tent: rain, moisture, cold, heat, wind, sun, moisture, prevent mosquito infrared resistance, flame retardant, etc. Tent on the design of the pillar shape, adopts the international popular form.
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