The importance of pegs and drawstrings for inflatable tents

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-18

In recent years, inflatable tents have been widely used around us. Whether it is red or white, people like to use inflatable tents, because inflatable tents are not only convenient and trouble-free to use, but also give people a high-end atmosphere. Although inflatable tents are widely used now, safety is also a major concern for people. Regular manufacturers of inflatable tents will be equipped with ground pull ropes, so do you know the function and use of ground nail pull ropes? Below we explain in detail the importance of pegs and drawstrings for inflatable tents.

Now I will tell you about the function, usage and precautions of the ground studs of our inflatable tents.

The function of the ground nail pull rope: to fix the tent, the tent is safer and more stable to use.

Precautions when using the ground nail pull rope:

1. Check whether the site is flat and whether there are sharp objects to prevent the bottom fabric from being punctured.

2. Check whether the windproof measures are well done. Please stop using it when the wind is above Grade 8 (including Grade 8).

How to use the ground nail pull rope:

The tent is inflated and the tarpaulin is installed.

1. Pull down the ropes on both sides of the tent vertically to the ground, and mark the contact point with the ground;

2. Fix the ground nails at the marked position;

3. Tie the pull ropes on both sides to the corresponding pull rings, and then fix them on the ground nails.

Before doing the above conditions mentioned by the editor and you, the first thing is to choose a manufacturer with strength and safety guarantee, we always adhere to the principle of 'equal price than quality, same quality than service' 'market concept, adhere to the 'empathy, customer first' purpose. Products from design, production, installation and commissioning to after-sales and maintenance, to provide customers with comprehensive one-stop high-quality services.

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