Testing laboratory inflatable tent

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-06-11

After more than half an hour of inflation, a 20-square-meter 'behemoth' stood in front of him. This is an inflatable testing laboratory tent developed and produced by Beijing.

Walking into this white tent-like inflatable testing laboratory, you can see that it is divided into three areas: the main laboratory (core contamination area), the buffer room and the sample receiving room by the inflatable curtain. The main laboratory is equipped with biological safety cabinets, experimental instruments and disinfection machines, which are used for sample centrifugation, inactivation, sample extraction, bottling, amplification, disinfection and other pathogenic microorganism experimental operations; the buffer room is used for personnel to put on and take off individuals Protective equipment; the sample receiving room is used for preparations such as receiving samples and reagent preparation. The laboratory is equipped with exhaust purification system, air intake purification system, air disinfection system and other devices to ensure compliance with safety protection requirements.

It is understood that this inflatable testing laboratory is an enclosure formed by an air-tight tent, built in strict accordance with safety laboratory standards, and designed for hospital testing samples.

After the outdoor fresh air is purified by the air inlet purification system, it is sent to the buffer room and then into the main laboratory. The air in the core work room is purified and discharged by the exhaust air purification system. The Ru0026D team accurately calculates and strictly controls the air discharge volume of the air supply and exhaust system and the enclosure structure to ensure that each functional area is at the designed pressure gradient, so that the airflow can complete the direction from the clean area to the semi-polluted area to the polluted area. The matching air disinfection system will quickly filter and disinfect the pathogenic microorganism aerosols that may escape from the biological safety cabinet, which improves the air safety.

In a residential area, especially a border security checkpoint with limited supporting resources, it is difficult to quickly build a laboratory with biosafety testing conditions, while inflatable tents have the advantages of convenient transportation, The advantages of rapid construction, mobility, and rapid deployment in wartime.

As a result, strictly controlling the technical standards, in less than half a year, the inflatable testing shelter laboratory with different specifications covering an area of u200bu200b10-30m was developed. This kind of laboratory supporting components is small in size, easy to transport, and the actual assembly process is simple and quick. Its outdoor equipped with a solid anchoring device can resist strong winds; equipped with outdoor air conditioners, it can adapt to the harsh field environment of -25℃-40℃. The high-altitude area can also maintain stable indoor pressure, which can meet the needs of quickly appearing in the outbreak area or places with testing needs, and carry out testing in a relatively short period of time.

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