small inflatable tent

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-06-25

Today, Xiaobian in Beijing will explain the small inflatable tent for you in detail,

Small inflatable tent area classification,

According to the area, it is divided into 1.5 square meters, 3 Square meters, 5 square meters, 7 square meters, etc., are divided into military tents, civilian small tents, decontamination small tents, etc.

Use of outdoor small inflatable tents

Small inflatable tents are divided into accommodation, camping, fishing, etc. according to their purposes

Small outdoor inflatable tent area : 5㎡

Inflatable device: foot air pump

Outer cover: camouflage Oxford cloth

Air column: 0.7mm gray PVC

Lining: White Shumei Silk

Floor Cloth: Grey PVC

Number of Doors: 1 Door

Military Small Inflatable Tent Use classification,

It is divided into command tents, accommodation tents, individual tents, sentry tents, etc.

Technical parameters of 5㎡ small inflatable tent

Name: 5㎡ Single Military Small Inflatable Tent

Projection Size: 2500mm*2000mm*2600mm

Tent Height: 2600mm

Tent Weight: 40kg

Inflator: Electric inflating and exhausting pump

Base fabric: PVC sandwich coated cloth

Waterproof height: 180mm

Air column color: 0.7mm gray double Topcoat PVC

Overcoat Color: Army Green Digital Camouflage

Small Decontamination Inflatable Tent

Decontamination Small Tent , divided into European-style single-person decontamination tents, American-style single-person decontamination tents, and domestic single-person decontamination tents, etc.

Civilian tents: Civilian tents are generally used in weddings and weddings. Civilian tents are generally larger tents.

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