Small details after buying an inflatable tent can extend its life

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-06-11

After you buy an inflatable tent, follow the little details below to greatly extend its service life.

1. For new ones, remember to put another layer of suture glue on the waterproof suture glue. Because we don't know how much time has passed from the completion of production to delivery to the store, and then to your hands. Although you may have undergone a detailed inspection in the store and feel that there are no shortcomings, in order to have a comfortable good Feel, do another waterproof measure!

2. Try to keep it dry. After the outdoor trip, remember to hang it up to air dry. If the tent is a little dirty, use Gently scrubbing with cold water is enough. Never use chemical lotions or scrub hard, which will damage the waterproof membrane on the surface of the fabric and reduce the waterproofing effect of the tent.

3. If mildew occurs, it will destroy its waterproofness.

4. When camping in the wild, try to choose a flat camp, and remove the protrusions on the predetermined camp as much as possible. This avoids back discomfort while sleeping and also prevents the tent from being punctured. Prepare extra ground cloth, spread the ground cloth under the tent, inside or outside the tent, but putting it outside will not only keep the tent clean, but also avoid stones or branches on the ground from damaging the ground cloth of the tent itself .

5. When entering the tent, do not put your shoes in. The ultraviolet rays of the sun will destroy the fabric strength of the tent. If there is no extra shade to cover the tent in the camp, it is recommended that you put up a rain cloth to block the sun and avoid direct sunlight to the tent.

6. When setting up, fix the tent on the ground with camp nails. Although most tents can be built independently without camp nails, natural The power of the tent is limitless. Don't think that it will be fine if someone is in the tent or is holding it with a backpack. According to experience, when nature shows its power, the tent runs like the people inside! Make sure the ventilation of the inflatable tent is Good, because when we sleep at night, the sweat and exhalation of our body will increase the humidity of the air in the tent. Assuming four people sleep in a tent, up to 1 liter of water can accumulate in one night, if The tent does not have good ventilation, so the sleeping bags and sleeping pads of the four people must be wet in the morning.

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