Simple and practical wilderness survival skills

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-06-11

How to find water sources in the wild, the following will give you a detailed introduction.

1. Listen to learn to distinguish the sound of running water, pay more attention to whether there is the sound of running water in mountain streams, foothills, basins, cliffs, valley bottoms, etc., whether there are frogs and water birds, etc., If there are these sounds, it is not far from the water source, and it is running water that can be directly drunk. But don't mistake the sound of the wind blowing the leaves as the sound of running water.

2. Smell

If you can smell the earthy smell blown by the wind, the smell of aquatic plants, and the moist smell, you can find the water source along the direction of the smell.

3. Judging the groundwater level according to the topography

The places where groundwater can be found include: rainwater concentration, low-lying places, below the dry riverbed, downstream of reservoirs, etc.

Fourth, look for water sources according to the climate and the dryness and wetness of the ground

These places can dig out the groundwater: the ground is always very wet even in summer, and it will never dry out or heat up in the sun In autumn, where the groundwater level is high and the water volume is sufficient, it is often manifested as a rise in water vapor on the surface, mist often appears in the early morning, heavy dew at night, and the ground is very wet. In winter, where the water level is also relatively high, there is hoarfrost in the crevices of the ground surface. Groundwater is abundant in places that freeze late in winter and places that thaw quickly after snowfall. A place with plenty of groundwater in spring is where the thaw is early.

5. Find water sources according to the growth of plants

In places with sufficient groundwater and good water quality, Salix, Golden Needle, Malian, and Mushrooms will generally grow. There is groundwater, but in places with poor water quality, gray vegetables, pennywort, and sariwang will grow. In autumn, there is more groundwater in places where the leaves are not yellow than in places where the leaves are already yellow. As long as there are cottonwood, sycamore, and willow trees, there will be groundwater where these plants grow.

6. Look for water sources according to the activities of animals and insects

Mosquitoes gather in places with water in summer, and they fly into a cylindrical shape; snails, frogs, and big ants all love water. place to live.

7. Look for water sources according to the weather.

Where there is a rainbow in the sky, there will definitely be rain; places with rain or hail are generally under the cumulonimbus clouds with thunder and lightning; There is always a thick fog in the valley of the water source.

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