Selection and use of tents

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-06-25

One of the necessary equipment for camping is tents. Traditional tourist tents are made of poles as supports. Generally, they are single-layered. They have poor windproof, rainproof and thermal insulation effects. Moreover, the poles are fragile, and the poles take up more space. , transportation and carrying are restricted. At present, the production and processing of inflatable inflatable camping tent are very popular. Take military inflatable tents as an example. This tent uses a combination of adhesive and high-frequency heat sealing. The air column is made of PVC double-sided coated cloth. Warm, dew-proof, moisture-proof, frame wind resistance: 6 to 8 grades, inflation time 2-5min. Since the strut is replaced by an inflatable column, it can be folded, packed and transported, and the volume is small.

The following factors should be considered when choosing a tent:

1. When choosing a tent, pay attention to the high waterproofness. To test the breathability of the tent, just blow the fabric with your mouth. The better the waterproofness, the worse the breathability of the fabric.

2. The inner tent is different from the outer tent. The higher the air permeability, the better.

3. Select the strut to see if the strength is high and the resilience is good.

4. The choice of primer depends on whether the wear resistance is drafted and whether the waterproofness is high.

5. Double-layer tents have better windproof and thermal performance than single-layer tents. All tents produced are double-layer structure, suitable for temperature: -25℃~+60℃. Among them, inflatable tents are favored by customers all over the world such as Germany, Italy, Russia, Romania, and France. These customers regularly purchase large quantities of inflatable tents each year. 6. The tent structure should have a door shed as much as possible. If there is no door shed, you can choose a slightly larger area.

7, tents with front and rear double doors or tents with windows on both sides are more conducive to ventilation.

Proper use of tents can more effectively ensure personal safety and prolong the life of the tent.

1. Camp selection

Relatively flat, non-slope ground is suitable for setting up tents , Pay attention to clean up the weeds and sharp objects on the ground, otherwise the bottom of the tent will be easily scratched. If the ground has some

slopes, the outlet should be set downhill to facilitate digging trenches for drainage in rainy weather.

2. Support and fixation

The inflatable tent is very time-saving to set up, and it is well set up The tent is fixed to the ground rod at an angle of about 30 to 45 degrees at the corresponding point of the pull rod. After connecting the pull rope and the ground rod, adjust the sliding plate to fix the tent. It has developed into a well-known inflatable tent manufacturer at home and abroad, and each tent will be equipped with a maintenance kit to make it more convenient for customers to use.

3. Dig a drainage ditch

Dig a drainage ditch close to the outer edge of the tent, Dig all around so that you don't get flooded on rainy days.

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