Scope of application of high pressure inflatable tent

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-06-09

Scope of application of high-pressure inflatable tents: high-pressure inflatable tents are multi-functional tents, which can meet many purposes such as camping in the wild, command offices, material reserves and temporary restaurants, and are used in field troops, mobile hospitals, and rescue and disaster relief.

Features of the high-pressure inflatable tent air column: The high-pressure tent air column has good puncture resistance, and each air rib has an independent air chamber, which can be connected to one-piece inflation and exhaust, with good air tightness . The pressure in the air column is not less than 0.2-0.5MPa, and all air chambers can be inflated and formed at one time. The gas column adopts integrated processing without welding seam to reduce maintenance and avoid the risk of pressure relief of the welding seam.

Features of high-pressure inflatable tent:

Production process: The main structure of the outer canopy is produced by high-frequency heat sealing and heat sealing;

Inflation time: Inflation time 16-20 minutes;

Wind resistance: can resist 10-level gale (24.5-28.4m/s);

Snow resistance: 30Kg/㎡;

Use Environment: can be used in bad weather conditions, altitude 4000-5000m;

Life: good durability, life is more than 10 years;

Use area: large internal use space;


Working temperature: -45℃--+70℃;

Storage temperature: -45℃--+70℃;

Air supply cycle: ≥60 days .

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