Safety Instructions&Tips of Inflatable Stunt Air Bag


Safety Instructions&Tips of Inflatable Stunt Air Bag

X-sports are quite popular among young generations. Young people always like to chase excitement&intensity through thrilling sports,such as BMX,skateboard,free fall jump etc. Although it’s excellent experience for young people,while some may get hurt. Safety issue must be considered when taking part in X-games. Among various X-sports,several requires protective air bags. For example, fans of BMX sport are familiar with inflatable air bags. Inflatable air bags are soft and strong at the same time,which makes player feel easy&safe to perform demanding moves. To make sure safety,players must follow correct instructions regarding use&maintenance of inflatable air bag. Following tips may help understand inflatable air bags.

At the very beginning,correct installation of inflatable air bag is quite important. Before installing,a large piece of fabric should be placed under the air bag. This can help air bag avoid from getting damaged through fiction. Make sure that area of the fabric should be larger than the inflated air bag. The inflatable air bag should be placed flat and stretched smoothly enough on the ground fabric. This will help the inflation process go smoothly and quickly. Then connect the blower with the inlet tube and tie up the tube with rope. After preparation,connect the blower to electricity and start inflation. Inflation will be finished within 5-10minutes.

During spare time,regular cleaning and maintenance are necessary. Cutting off electricity ,opening the inlet tube and air valves and staring deflation. It normally takes about 10-25 minutes. Remaining air should be pressed out. Detergents can be used to clean the air bag. After cleaning,the inflatable air bag should be dried by sun or other ways. Anyway,air bag must be dry before package. Generally inflatable air bags are packed through folding,from subface to front. For temporary storage,covering the air bag with tarpaulin will be enough. If the inflatable air bag needs to be stored for a long time,it should be packed and tied up. If possible,it’ll be better to pack the air bag into a bag and stored under suitable temperature(around 30 degrees) and dry environment. Blower and air pump should be stored in dry environment too. Besides,air bag and blower should be checked regularly. In some cases,rats&insects may damage air bags. So regular check is a must.


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