Safety First: Guidelines for Backcountry Camping

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-10

Find or build a shelter before dark

Be sure to camp before dark is one of the most important camping tips. Generally, friends will choose a comfortable tent to rest. At present, small military inflatable tents produced and processed are very popular. Compared with traditional bracket tents, inflatable tents have great advantages as inflatable camping tent: simple structure and high tensile strength. , High rigidity, good stability, wind resistance, rain resistance, short extension time, light weight, small collection volume, outer cover PVC composite cloth is connected to the ground cloth, folding resistance is not damaged for 500 times, overload automatic pressure relief, Inflated for 24 hours without air leakage, 7 days without lodging. Of course, some people like to bring a hammock, but if it is windy or rainy, it will be troublesome.

Choose a sleeping bag according to the weather and geographical conditions

You can choose a sleeping bag in warmer weather Lightweight sleeping bags, sleeping bags with good thermal insulation performance are needed in winter, down sleeping bags are more warm, and in alpine regions, mummy-shaped sleeping bags need to be selected, which are well sealed, warm and easy to carry. However, cotton-filled sleeping bags are easier to dry than down sleeping bags, and down sleeping bags are not easy to dry when wet. The pillow is not convenient to carry and can be replaced with an inflatable pillow.

Only bring essential food

Essential food for camping include: mineral water , milk, bread, compressed biscuits, ham, instant food, chocolate, fruit, etc. Fast food such as instant noodles and eight-treasure porridge can be eaten with simple processing, avoiding long-term cooking. Since puffed food takes up more space and is not nutritious, do not bring it. Bring more water, otherwise water shortage will force you to drink water from streams and lakes, which needs to be filtered, sterilized, and boiled, which is very troublesome.

Avoid bugs, bears and poisonous plants

When pitching a tent, To observe whether there are wasp nests and other insects around, if the active area is lush, wear a long-sleeved top and long pants, and spray insect repellent to prevent

Insect infestation. Poisonous plants can cause rashes, so keep antihistamines or allergy medicines with you.

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