Prices of inflatable tents vary

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-15

The price of inflatable tents varies

The factors affecting the price of inflatable tents are as follows:

1. If the material quality of the tent itself is good, the tent will be more expensive

2. The styles of tents are also different, so the prices are also different

3. There are single-layer and double-layer tents, and the single-layer is cheaper and the double-layer is more expensive

The optional outer covering materials of the inflatable tent are: Oxford cloth, PVC, TPU and other materials, the price of Oxford cloth is slightly cheaper, PVC is in the middle, and TPU is the highest price.

The outer cover of the inflatable tent is optional, mainly white, sky blue, orange red, army green and so on.

When our customers choose inflatable tents, they can choose the one that suits them in terms of cost performance.

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