Precautions for the use of inflatable tents

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-19

The inflatable tent is easy to build and has a wide range of uses, but some novice friends will also encounter some problems during use. The Beijing inflatable tent manufacturer Xiaobian introduces you to the precautions for the use of inflatable tents.

1. The quick inflation port is used for quick inflation of the tent. After the inflation is complete, you must be careful not to force the black valve cap, or you will leak air later, just make sure it is not leaking.

2. When using inflatable tents in summer, you need to open the pressure relief valve cover to avoid excessive pressure, direct sunlight, and air pressure will rise. The pressure relief valve will automatically release pressure from the pressure set by the tent.

3. Please try not to pull it hard before use. Uneven ground or sharp stones can shorten the life of the tent. It is necessary to prevent sharp objects from piercing or inhaling the air column, for example (knives, needles and other sharp objects). The larger opening gives the tent a noticeable sag. You can use the air pump to quickly inflate it to avoid collapsing and make sure there are no problems with repairs.

4. Tent window zipper: If the tent zipper is stuck or cannot be opened, it is recommended that you pull it back, and then gently pull it a few times. Try not to pull too hard to avoid damaging the zipper. You can periodically put some candles on the teeth of the zipper for maintenance.

5. How to use the movable rag: Before the tent is filled with air, the movable rag must be taken out and stored to avoid getting dirty. After removing the movable cloth, there will be a ring of tape around the bottom of the tent. Glue a circle of 20cm wide PVC strips to the air column to avoid stepping on the tape.

6. Prevent firecrackers and other items from being set off within a short distance of 10 meters. Special attention should be paid to some powerful flammable and explosive items.

7. Tent windproof problem: There is no problem in normal use of 7-8 grade windproof. Take precautions beforehand. The windbreak rope and ground anchor must be pulled. When there is no wind, try pulling it up to avoid transient winds. It's too late to take precautions.

8. Put away the tent and load the car: When deflating, please open all windows in advance to prevent deflation and driving, which will cause the tape to be misplaced. (Avoid damaging the tent itself in the next use)

9. How to use the air pump: If it is in a stopped state under normal inflation, the switch cannot be used. This is that the automatic temperature control of the air pump itself has been turned on (an automatic protection), you just have to wait a few minutes, yes, this is normal. If you use it in direct sunlight in summer, you can use it above the air pump in advance.

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