Precautions for customization of disaster relief inflatable tents

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-06-12

Precautions for customization of disaster relief inflatable tents

Disaster relief tents can not only be used for disaster relief command and material transfer storage, but also for post-disaster emergency medical care and personnel accommodation. To carry out disaster relief work, it is necessary to choose reliable relief tents to provide stable logistical support for disaster relief forces. Considering the complexity of the terrain and environment of the disaster area, we need to understand the performance of the disaster relief tent when purchasing civilian disaster relief inflatable tents. Today, let's talk about the necessary requirements for disaster relief tents and the issues that should be paid attention to when purchasing:

1. The wind resistance level of disaster relief tents

In the process of rescue in disaster areas, it is inevitable that There will be strong winds, storms and other weather phenomena. At this time, a disaster relief tent with a higher wind resistance level should be selected. Disaster relief tents with strong wind resistance can be used in a variety of scenarios. It can still maintain a stable state after the test of strong wind, so that the residents in the tent and the relief materials stored in the tent will not be hurt and lost. Like ordinary inflatable tents, the wind resistance is 8, so when we purchase, we must pay attention to the local use environment.

2. Rainproof performance of disaster relief tents

As we all know, disaster relief tents are generally used for rescue, rescue, emergency and other situations. In this case,

it is often accompanied by rain or water on the ground. If the tent can't drain or rain, it will not only help rescuers, but also cause them unnecessary trouble. Therefore, when purchasing, we must ask whether the tent can be drained to prevent rain and avoid unnecessary economic losses.

3. Surface water permeability of disaster relief tents

During the rescue of mudslides and other disasters, rescue tents that can prevent the infiltration of surface water are often used. Once the rescue tent is polluted by surface water, the rescue materials stored in the tent will suffer huge losses, and it will be difficult for the rescue team to carry out the rescue work smoothly. Therefore, the anti-seepage function of rescue tents is particularly important.

4. Can disaster relief tents adapt to various terrains?

The terrain at the disaster site is often affected and damaged by disasters, and the complex terrain and terrain may affect the stationing of rescue teams. Rescue units should purchase disaster relief tents suitable for different terrains,

to ensure that the disaster site receives relief teams and supplies smoothly. In the face of a disaster with a higher risk level, a disaster relief tent with strong adaptability should be selected.

5. Material delivery process of disaster relief tent

If the material of the tent is not good enough and the hardness of the interface between the brackets is not enough, it is easy to cause the tent to collapse directly, which will not only cause economic losses, but also It may cause injury to the staff, so when we purchase tents, we should pay special attention to the material of the tents to ensure safety.

In emergencies, it is very important to have a good quality disaster relief tent, so we must strictly control the performance of the product. Therefore, it also makes people feel more at ease when using disaster relief tents for earthquake relief. List some reasons why Beijing inflatable tents are well received by the market:

1. Simple disassembly and installation

The installation and disassembly of disaster relief tents are very simple, because they are used for emergency products, so Manufacturers will also try their best to consider the actual situation to produce so that people can use emergency tents very conveniently. In this way, the precious time and energy wasted in the rescue process can be greatly reduced.

2. It is very convenient to carry

Generally speaking, a large number of disaster relief tents are often needed in disaster-stricken areas, and disaster relief tents often need to be transported from other places. Emergency tents After dismantling, the volume is small and it is easy to carry, even for long-distance transportation. Therefore, the market has a relatively high praise for tents.

3. The tent is strong and durable

Of course, a large part of the reason why the disaster relief tent is popular with customers is that the disaster relief tent is strong and durable.

To sum up, the disaster relief tent has high wind resistance level, good resistance to surface water penetration, and can adapt to various complex terrains and climates in the disaster area.

The disaster relief tent provided reliable material assistance for the smooth development of relief work and the implementation of various measures, and provided great convenience for disaster relief command and rescue work.

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