Outdoor tent construction skills | Outdoor tent construction angle explanation

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-06-13

Outdoor tent building skills

Tent is a device that is often used in tourism and outdoor activities. For this, it is easy to use, but many people are not very good at setting up tents. Tent manufacturers will come today. Briefly explain the tips for building outdoor tents.

Outdoor tents are more complicated if they are camping, and simple if they are tents for outdoor activities. The materials used for construction are mainly tent poles, inner tents and outer tents. First, choose a suitable flat ground, and lay the inner tent on the ground. Generally, it is the inner tent, but there are also some who first put up the outer tent and drill into it to build it. The activity tent has a corresponding support frame. Common tents It is the cross-dressing method. Tie the intersection of the tent poles with ropes, choose the direction of the door, and put on the tarpaulin. Such a simple tent is formed. These are secondary, and the main thing is the fixation of the tent poles. There are many skills here, which are related to the firmness of the tent.

The angle of outdoor tent construction

Outdoor tents are a must for office and travel. Single-layer and double-layer, but the way of building is similar. Generally, there are two kinds of tent pole materials: glass and aluminum alloy, and the strength of aluminum alloy is higher. The inner tent is relatively light and thin. When the temperature is high and the weather is good, you can build one layer, which is very suitable for outdoor activities.

As for the tent construction angle, when choosing the tie-in, some people say that it should be 45 degrees, but this is not the case, it depends on the situation of the tent. When gadolinium nails are used, do not set the nails at a 90-degree angle. The nails should be at a right angle to the tent poles, so as to have the greatest fixing resistance. Therefore, it is generally nailed at an angle of 45-60 degrees to the ground, and then the tent rope must be tightened, but do not tie it into a knot, so as to adjust the curvature of the entire tent. As for why you say this, that is the relationship to the ventilation inside the tent.

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