Outdoor decontamination inflatable tent price | What is the price of outdoor decontamination inflatable tent?

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-06-13

Outdoor decontamination inflatable tent price | What is the price of outdoor decontamination inflatable tent?

Outdoor decontamination inflatable tents are generally customized. Because of different usage scenarios, the prices are slightly different. For details, you can consult the sales specialist.

Name: Outdoor Decontamination Inflatable Tent

Projection Size: 2000mm*1500mm*2380mm

Tent Height: 2380mm

Tent Weight: 23kg

Inflator: Foot Pump

Base Fabric: PVC Sandwich Coated Fabric

Tent Structure: Single-layer Decontamination Tent

Waterproof height: 180mm

Air column material: 0.7mm double-sided coated PVC

Inflation process: flatten the four corners after laying the tent, inflate with an electric air pump, 5 -10min to complete. The pressure value of the air column generally remains unchanged for 24 hours, and it will not be supported within 7 days. For safety, please add ground drills and reinforcement ropes. If the wind is greater than or equal to level 8, please put away the tent.

Outdoor Decontamination Inflatable Tent Product Introduction

The European-style single-person decontamination inflatable tent adopts an integrated design. Just use an air pump to inflate the air column, and then put the erection drape, and the whole wash The consumer room will be set up quickly, and after connecting the water supply pipe of the shower room, the whole system can be put into use. The inflatable frame bladder is fitted with an overpressure protection valve (all large tents have) to ensure that overinflation is not damaged. The decontamination shower room is completely closed to the outside, which can effectively prevent the spread of polluted water to the surrounding environment in a strong wind environment. The washroom can be easily stored and transported in a carry bag, making it ideal for emergency rescue teams, fire departments, hospitals, teams, and industrial safety. The system is simple and convenient to set up, and is specially designed for rapid response to emergencies.

Features of European-style single decontamination inflatable tent

The tent is made of nylon fine woven PVC double-coated air-tight cloth by high-frequency heat sealing. The use range is all-weather, and the inflation molding time is 3 to 4 minutes. Easy to carry and transport, hydrostatic pressure ≥50kpa, inflation pressure 20kpa, tarpaulin flame retardant ≤15. With high temperature resistance +50 ℃ low temperature -20 ℃ environment can be used normally. Front with zipper door, with windows on both sides, inner screen window and outer roller shutter, outer cover PVC composite tent cloth connected with the lower ground cloth.

Product composition of outdoor decontamination inflatable tents:

1. Decontamination shower room and decontamination pool:

2. Inflatable device: use an air pump to inflate about It takes 3-4 minutes.

3. Water supply device: It consists of decontamination water heater, high-pressure water supply pump, high-pressure water pipe, 7 high-pressure nozzles or 2 hand-held nozzles.

4. Wastewater treatment: after the water accumulated in the decontamination tank, use an automatic sewage pump to pump the wastewater to a waste water recycling bag and transport it away for treatment

Safety matters for the use of outdoor decontamination inflatable tents

1. Before setting up the decontamination tent, the terrain must be carefully surveyed. There should be no rolling stones, logs and those weathered stones above the camp; ;

3. In order to prevent lightning strikes, do not build the tent on the top of the mountain or in the open field; when installing on mud or sand, you can dig a drainage ditch around the tent to ensure that the ground inside the tent is dry ;

4. If you need to cook in the tent, be sure to keep the flame away from the tarpaulin or isolate the flame with a fireproof board. When cooking, people cannot leave the tent. Make a plan for fire extinguishing at ordinary times, and install an exhaust fan to discharge it. Oil fume;

5. When the local wind force is predicted to exceed level 8, please remove the tent in advance.

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