Outdoor camping camping, how to prevent lightning strikes

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-06-13

For outdoor travel enthusiasts, adapting to the relatively harsh wild weather conditions is a must-have skill. Especially when watching celestial phenomena in the wild, the importance of preventing lightning strikes is even more related to the safety of one's own life. So, what is a lightning strike?

From the definition of Baidu Encyclopedia, lightning strike refers to the killing or damage caused by electric current passing through people, animals, trees, buildings, etc. during lightning strikes. Specifically, the discharge between clouds is harmful to aircraft, and has little effect on buildings, people and animals on the ground, but the discharge of clouds to the ground is very harmful to buildings, electrical and electronic equipment, people and animals. Once it causes harm to everything, it can be called being struck by lightning.

Field personnel should pay attention to the following points:

1. When it rains Thunderstorms are possible when clouds start to build up and it gets dark.

2. Thunderstorms usually last for a short time. Keep calm, don't be afraid, and stay where you can avoid. The danger of lightning is that it can penetrate objects and people, cause fires, and the sound of thunder can break people's eardrums.

Therefore, it should be remembered:

1. Cars are often excellent Lightning protection facility, you can hide in the car during lightning.

2. A good protective place is a cave, a ditch, a canyon or a glade under a tall tree.

3. If it is in the open air, you should squat at twice the height of the isolated tree.

4. When you feel an electric charge, that is, when your hair stands up or your skin vibrates, it is likely to be an electric shock. to self-protection.

5. If you dodge near an isolated protrusion, the top of the protrusion should be at least 15--20 meters above your head .

6. Away from vertical walls or cliffs, bare peaks and ridges and flat open terrain should be avoided.

7. Avoid ground fissures, lichens and suspended rocks.

8. If not, you can sit in the middle of scattered stones.

9. Use ropes to tie yourself in dangerous places.

10. If you enter the cave to avoid lightning, you should leave all vertical rock walls 3 meters away to avoid the rock wall conducting electricity and hurting people.

11. If the situation is more complicated, you can hide in the outdoor camping inflatable tent, because the material inside is PVC, which is an insulator.

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