Outdoor camping camping, how to choose a jacket?

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-06-13

Whether you are an urban leisure family, or an ordinary weekend outing enthusiast, whether you are doing medium and long-distance hiking and mountaineering, or professional exploration, ice climbing, or even climbing seven or eight kilometers of snow-capped mountains, one suit is suitable for you. The 'all-weather' jackets are your must-haves.

As far as the function of the jacket is concerned, the function of the jacket is to shield the wind and rain, so the fabric of the jacket must have waterproof function. The design is for daily wear, and breathability is also very important while satisfying waterproofness. Therefore, in outdoor sports, choosing a suitable jacket can add a sense of security and comfort to outdoor sports and leisure.

First, the fabric of the jacket

The fabric of the jacket is divided into two layers of laminated rubber and There are two types of three-layer adhesives. The two-layer adhesive fabric is made of the outer fabric and the waterproof and breathable film, which are laminated and hot-pressed together. Because the waterproof and breathable film is generally made of polyester, just like the plastic bags we use, it will stick to the skin if it directly touches the skin. It is very uncomfortable, so two-layer rubber jackets generally have inner linings. The inner lining is usually cloth mesh or thin polyester material. Now that the interlayer is made, some clothing simply fills the interlayer with various thermal insulation materials, so that this kind of jacket has the function of keeping warm while protecting against wind and rain.

Second, what is a waterproof breathable film

Waterproof and breathable itself sounds like A pair of contradictory bodies, so how to be waterproof and breathable at the same time? We know that the molecular volume of water in the liquid state is about 20,000 times larger than that in the gas state. Since there is a difference of tens of thousands of times, let us imagine that if there is a sieve, the size of the sieve hole is just between between the diameters of water and water vapor. In this way, only water vapor can pass through, and liquid water cannot. As a result, almost all waterproof and breathable membranes use a microporous structure. Take the American GORE-TEX fabric as an example. This fabric is densely covered with as many as 9 billion small holes per square inch. The diameter of these small holes is larger than that of liquid water. The molecules are 700 times smaller, but more than 20,000 times larger than gaseous water molecules. There are many kinds of fabrics on the market. In fact, they are basically the same in principle, but the difference lies in anti-aging and when wet or fabric.

Third, the cutting and stitching of the jacket

The cutting and stitching of the jacket is also very important. Important. When buying a jacket, you should consider what season you wear it, whether you need to add warm clothes, and if you add it, how thick it will be. It is recommended to buy two sets of jackets in winter and summer. Nowadays, many jackets pay attention to three-dimensional tailoring, which fits the natural state and range of motion of various joints of the human body to the greatest extent, so that there is no sense of binding and restraint during activities after wearing.

Because the warm layer needs to be added in winter, the size of the jacket needs to be one or two larger than usual. If there is only one jacket, it is difficult to achieve winter and summer All are easy to move, and the stitching standards for jackets are also relatively strict. The stitches are neat and dense. According to the industry standard, there should be between 3 and 5 stitches per centimeter, and the stitches are well-proportioned. Some parts that are often pulled or need strength should have reinforced treatments. In addition, there needs to be a tape on the back of each suture. The rubber strip cannot be degummed by repeatedly rubbing it with your hands. If the clothing with three-layer glue can directly touch the rubber strip, use your fingernails to dig it. It is not an option as the tape will come off completely after a few washes.

Different prices, the quality of the jacket is also quite different, of course, more importantly, when you buy, in the Beijing inflatable tent manufacturers In the editor's opinion, the choice of jackets needs to take into account their economic affordability. If you just buy expensive jackets in pursuit of high prices, it doesn't matter which brand of jackets you think is necessary. You can buy a few entry-level jackets first. If you think it's really necessary, it's more reasonable to buy professional or fever jackets.

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