Multiple Uses of Inflatable Tents


Multiple Uses of Inflatable Tents

Tents, mostly known as temporary accommodation for camping,hiking etc. Those tents are generally made up of metals frames and fabric covers. It’s easy to assembly a tent quickly for experienced campers. While for a green hand,it’ll be kind of puzzle. This type of tents are suitable for personal uses. As for large events or parties,these tents will be too heavy to transport and takes much effort&time on assembling. To solve these problems,inflatable tents will be a perfect choice.

Inflatable tents are made of environmental PVC materials,which is light-weighted,folding, waterproof and fireproof. Inflatable tents are customized products,such as size,color,shape etc. So event organizers can purchase different tents for all kinds of events. In the meanwhile,tents are light-weighted that they can be transported from one place to another place easily. Regarding the installation, any one can blow a tent up under correct guidance. There are three main steps to inflate an inflatable tent,stretch the tent on flat&clean ground,connect the air blower and inlet tube,start air blower. It’s quite convenient. What’s more,the inflation will be completed within 5-30 minutes according to tent’s size.

Inflatable tents are widely used in different fields. There are several types of tents based on usage,such as advertising tent, party tent,events tent,medical tent etc.

Advertising tents are commonly seen on exhibitions. These tents are normally of small sizes,starting from 5m(L)*5m(W)*2.2m(H). These tents are made up of dome top and four supporting air columns. Four sides can be closed or opened. In most cases,zipped sides are applied.

Party tents and events tents are large in scale,ranging from 10m(L)*10m(W)*4m(H) to more than 30m(L)*30m(W)*5m(H) . Square and rectangle shapes are commonly used. Another popular event tents are dome&igloo tents. To increase fun&joy,colorful LED lights can be inserted in the tent. When turning on the LED lights,the tent will shine and look beautiful&attractive at night.

Medical tents are normally used at emergency situations and rescue operations. They are made into tube shape with two zipped doors at two ends and several transparent windows at both sides. Sometimes separate rooms are divided for medical reasons.

There are also many other types of inflatable tents,such as escape room tent, car wash tent, planetarium tent, transparent camping tent etc. For more introduction of various tents,just check link below.


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