Medical negative pressure inflatable tent

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-06-26
Today, the editor will explain to you in detail a negative pressure inflatable tent, a mobile isolation negative pressure inflatable tent, which is a negative pressure isolation tent that can be easily transported, and can be erected in a short time for medical units. The negative pressure isolation tent includes: an inflatable frame, an isolation tent, and a high-efficiency air filter. The inflatable frame body is in a standing shape after being inflated, and the isolation tent is a large-capacity closed bag body made of plastic. The isolation tent is erected inside the frame body in an unfolded manner, and the high-efficiency air filter is to communicate the air inlet end with the isolation tent, so that a relatively low pressure is formed in the isolation tent, and the isolation tent is isolated. The air in the tent is sterilized, filtered and purified into harmless gas, which is discharged outside the isolation tent, so that the surrounding people are protected from the threat of infection.

Medical negative pressure tent

1. A mobile negative pressure isolation inflatable tent, including an integrated frame, an isolation tent and a high-efficiency air filter, the isolation tent is a large-capacity closed Type bag body, which is provided with a personnel, equipment entrance and exit and an air intake window, it is characterized in that: The uprights are connected to the inflatable transverse columns at the upper ends of the uprights on the same side, the inflatable bottom posts connected to the bottom ends of the uprights, and the inflatable top posts connected to the tops of the uprights on both sides to form a standing frame.

The isolation tent is erected inside the frame in an unfolded manner, and the high-efficiency air filter communicates its intake end with the isolation tent.

2, the mobile four negative pressure isolation tent as claimed in claim 1, it is characterized in that, described inflatable frame body is provided with a number of collars, and the outside of described isolation tent is relatively provided with wear The isolation tent is fixed inside the frame body by passing the belt through the loop and then binding.

3. The frame body is a trapezoidal body with a narrow upper and a lower width.

4, the bottom surface of the frame body is provided with a base cloth, and the left and right sides of the base cloth are connected with the inflatable bottom columns on both sides of the frame body.

5, the isolation tent is provided with a door, and the door closes the entrance and exit

6, the air intake window includes a screen window and a cover cloth for covering the air intake window window.

7. The screen window is a pushable screen window that sags naturally.

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