Matters needing attention in the selection of cotton curtains for inflatable tents

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-16

A variety of door curtains dazzle consumers, and each kind of door curtain uses different ways. For example, cotton door curtains are mainly densified inside, and then a layer of special mesh is sewn in the middle. It is made of lattice fiber, and the outside is made of leather or canvas. So how to choose the right cotton door curtain for the inflatable tent? Here we explain the precautions for choosing the cotton door curtain for the inflatable tent.

The following aspects should be paid attention to when purchasing cotton curtains

Precautions for selecting cotton curtains for inflatable tents 1. Look at the material

High-quality and durable cotton curtains are outside It is made of high-quality leather or canvas, which can prevent the loss of air-conditioning and heating, and a layer of densified civilian cotton felt is added in the middle, which has the effect of heat preservation and sound insulation. Therefore, when purchasing, you should carefully check whether the cotton door curtain has these materials, and the manufactured cotton door curtain has a uniform thickness and a good feel.

Precautions for selecting cotton curtains for inflatable tents 2. Look at the number of strands

As we all know, many manufacturers will choose canvas as the material of cotton curtains because of its good quality and affordable price, but Consumers should carefully distinguish whether the material used by the manufacturer is a high-quality canvas. You can check the number of strands of woven wire on the formed cotton curtain as the standard. The better the property and waterproofness, the longer the service life, and the door curtain with the sparse number of strands should not be purchased as much as possible.

Precautions for the selection of inflatable tent cotton door curtains 3. Look at the difficulty of installation

After consumers buy the best cotton door curtains in the industry, they will definitely need to install and use them when they return home, so they need to When buying an easy-to-install cotton door curtain, many manufacturers will make eye holes on the cotton door curtain, so that consumers can only fix nails and hang them at the door curtain during installation, which saves time and cost and benefits people.

The above are the things that consumers should pay attention to when purchasing cotton door curtains. Of course, since the doors are not the same, you can also choose door curtains of custom sizes from cotton door curtain manufacturers. After installing the cotton door curtain, it also needs to be carefully maintained, and it can be scrubbed from time to time, so that the dust will not be covered with the cotton door curtain, and it can bring people a more comfortable environment.

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