Maintenance of high pressure tents

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-06-09

Maintenance methods of high pressure tents:

The maintenance of high pressure tents is relatively simple, and all parts (including pressure pipes, zippers, connecting pieces and valves, etc.) can be replaced and repaired. Unique separate air chamber design, even if there is air leakage in a single air rib during use, it will not affect the normal use of the entire inflatable tent. This high-pressure inflatable tent is inflated once, and there is no need to replenish air within 60 days, and it can also be maintenance-free during the period.

High-pressure tent charging and exhausting method:

1) First take out the tent from the packaging bag to ensure that the ground is flat and free of debris. Then put the tent on the cloth and fully unfold it. After the tent is leveled and positioned, the ground drill is fixed first.

2) The high-pressure tent is inflated using a high-pressure air pump. All air chambers are inflated with an air compressor, open the tent valve cover to expose the inflation valve, and use the air inlet of the electric pump to align the valve port for inflation. If a metal support rod is designed inside the tent, the inflation pressure can be 0.2-0.26 Stop inflating between MPa, fix the metal support rod first, and then inflate.

3) High-pressure tent exhaust Use a vacuum pump to exhaust the high-pressure tent, open the charging and exhausting valve, and after the natural deflation to a certain extent, turn on the power of the vacuum pump, and align the valve port to exhaust.

Precautions for high pressure tents:

(1) Do not contact with hard objects to avoid scratching the tent

(2) Do not approach high temperature objects and open flames< /p>

(3) Do not put pressure on the tent for a long time at noon

(4) After using the tent after the rain, be sure to fully dry the tent to ensure that the tent is dry before it can be withdrawn Pack it to prevent mold and affect the service life.

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