Is the thicker the air column of the inflatable tent the better?

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-16

Is the thicker the air column of the inflatable tent the better?

Some customers will find that some inflatable tents have thick or thin air columns when they buy inflatable tents. .

In fact, the thickness and thickness of the air column are designed according to the size ratio of the inflatable tent, not the thicker the better, nor the thinner the better! What suits you is good.

Characteristics of the inflatable tent

The air column of the inflatable tent is made of high-frequency heat sealing of PVC coated cloth. Relatively speaking, the erection of the inflatable tent is very convenient. Lay it on the open space, connect the foot pump or electric pump, and it can be erected in a few minutes. The same is true when dismantling. When dismantling, you only need to let it deflate naturally, or use an electric blower to extract air.

The inflatable tent has the advantages of light weight, small size and easy dismantling, so it is very suitable for quick response to emergency. When the environment is harsh and cannot be delivered, the inflatable tent can also be airdropped.

Inflatable tent repair method

If you find that the air column is leaking, you can first wipe the air column clean, and then smear the surface with soapy water to check for air leaks. If the air leak is a small hole, you can use a small piece of circular repair cloth (which is standard in any size inflatable tent), then apply glue, and wait for the glue to dry (important, you must wait for the glue to dry) After) paste it on the leak point, and the bonding is tight. If the air leakage is at the air column heat seam, it can be dealt with in the following steps:

1. Clean the bonding surface first.

2. The inflatable tent will be equipped with a bottle of glue, and the air column of the inflatable tent will be glued. Brush it on the pre-bonded surface, brush it evenly, and the thickness is appropriate. After brushing it twice, you can glued.

3. The shape of the bonding interface should be designed to be circular or oval, try to avoid square and acute-angled interface shapes, and the overlap width should not be less than 30mm.

4. After the glue has evaporated, it can be bonded. The patch must be flat and without wrinkles. Rolling and scraping are carried out. At the same time, a heat source is supplied with a hair dryer to facilitate bonding. After 6 hours of bonding, it can be inflated and used.

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