Is the inflatable tent any good?

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-17

The inflatable tent adopts the principle of structural mechanics here. The airbag is inflated to form a rigid column by using the characteristics of air pressure and pressure, and the skeleton of the tent is supported by organic combination. It is easy to use and transport, can be quickly formed, has strong waterproof function and high safety factor, so is the inflatable tent good? Let us explain the inflatable tent for you in detail below.

What are the advantages of inflatable tents compared to ordinary metal tents? With the continuous development of society, the market is also constantly improving product upgrades according to customer needs. The most popular one is 'inflatable tents

Advantages of inflatable tents 1. Easy to use: The inflatable military tent frame is an air column structure, which has the characteristics of light body, small size after folding, convenient and easy to carry, etc., which greatly saves manpower, especially in transportation. The advantages that ordinary metal stand tents do not have;

(Note: just lay the tent on the ground, connect the electric pump, only one person, and it can be erected in a few minutes.)

Advantages of inflatable tents 2. Strong stability: It is produced by a combination of adhesive bonding and high-frequency heat sealing. The airbag can be used for 7 days without air leakage; it is easy to use, and can be used for a long time with one-time inflation; the airbag pressure value reaches 20-30kpa, extremely high structural strength, can resist 8th grade wind.

Benefits of inflatable tents 3. Waterproof and moisture-proof: It is produced by a combination of adhesive bonding and high-frequency heat sealing. The air column is made of PVC double-sided coated cloth, and the tarpaulin is made of waterproof, fire-proof and anti-ultraviolet materials. . The waterproof bottom is 150mm higher than the traditional bracket tent, which is more effective to strengthen the waterproofness of the inflatable emergency rescue tent.

Benefits of inflatable tents 4. Good thermal insulation: The inflatable emergency rescue tent adopts the principle of double-layer tarpaulin hollow design, which greatly enhances the thermal performance of the tent and is more suitable for emergency rescue.

The use of inflatable tents in people's daily life:

1. The use of various banquets such as wedding banquets, wine banquets, and celebration banquets

Many young people like to use wedding inflatable tents to complete their wedding banquets when contracting outdoor weddings, which is romantic, economical, and unique. The tent can provide dining for 100 people. It has strong mobility and perfect function. It is the choice for outdoor weddings.

2. Use in outdoor travel

When traveling abroad, it is inevitable to sleep in the wild. In order to ensure our personal safety, outdoor inflatable tents have become an indispensable part of our travel. Outdoor equipment, high tensile strength, good air tightness, light weight, easy to carry, and meets the two needs of comfort and practicality.

3. Use in commodity exhibitions and sales activities

It is suitable for outdoor construction in shopping malls, displaying various products, so that the exhibitions have attractive fashion elements and space.

4. Use in medical rescue

It can quickly build temporary rescue places and hospitals in the first scene of emergency rescue and disaster relief, take emergency treatment for the injured, implement rescue and rescue, The first time to comfort the soul of the wounded.

5. Use in fire rescue

In fire rescue, the fire ruthlessly destroyed our homes, then our fire officers and soldiers will transfer friends who have lost their homes to inflatables. In the tent, let them temporarily settle down at home.

6. Use in military outdoor exercises

In military exercises, inflatable tents are used as the mainstay in military command operations, military camping, and shielded tent camping in the wild


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