Introduction to the use of inflatable tents

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-19
1. Overview of the inflatable tent:

The inflatable tent adopts a structural frame form (inflatable), the inflatable air column adopts high-strength polyester mesh cloth (referred to as PVC airtight cloth), and the outer canopy adopts 600D rainproof and flame-retardant Oxford cloth. , The base cloth is PVC scraper cloth. The material has the characteristics of high tensile strength, high rigidity, good air tightness, light weight, low wind resistance, waterproof, heat insulation, cold resistance, good sound insulation performance, simple installation and disassembly, convenient carrying, beautiful appearance design, and comfortable life. . Widely used in camping, field construction, fire fighting, disaster relief, rescue, tourism, games and other environments. Other forms of similar products are incomparable, and are well received and praised by the majority of users. Below we will give you a detailed overview of the instructions for use of the inflatable tent.

2. Inflatable tent device

(1) Preparations before installation

1. Site requirements: The site is relatively flat, and no sharp objects are allowed on the ground or around it, nor are sharp objects allowed Drag on the ground to avoid damage to the awning and frame, affecting the service life and beauty of the inflatable tent.

2. Check whether the parts of the whole device are damaged and whether all accessories can be used normally.

3. Prepare installation tools, such as oil-filled pumps.

(2) Device

1. Lay the frame and the base cloth flat on the ground, and inflate the inflatable frame.

During inflation, it is best to inflate both inflation valves at the same time to ensure simultaneous inflation of all parts. Each air column is not allowed to eliminate knots and twists. If the air column airflow is poor, you can tap a few times. When the air column is erected, several people can help it stretch and lift the tent so that the air column is erected quickly.

2. When inflating for the first time, the air pressure should not exceed 13.3kpa. After inflation, after each air column is fully expanded, the air is supplemented to increase the pressure after 5 minutes, but the maximum pressure shall not exceed 20KPa. The inflation pressure can be appropriately increased or decreased according to the ambient temperature to prevent the airbag from bursting.

It is recommended to use an imported pump or a foot pump to directly inflate and pressurize the tents at one time.

3. When the air column is in place at the designated position, several people should fix it in place at the same time during transportation. It is strictly forbidden to drag and inflatable water slide on the ground.

4. Install the tarpaulin and pull it gently, forcibly pulling is strictly prohibited. All fasteners, zippers and other accessories should be firmly connected.

5. The installation of ground anchors has a real tightening and fixing effect on the insertion depth of the ground, and the ground soil layer into which the ground anchors are inserted must be compacted.

6. Check that all fittings are secure and make sure the geometric tolerance is 0.5%.

3. Use of inflatable tents

(1) When using inflatable tents, first of all, do a good job of fire prevention, and always pay attention to fire prevention (all fabrics of our inflatable tents are flame retardant, but not flame retardant) .

(2) Sharp edges and sharp hard objects are strictly prohibited from touching the awning.

(3) All locks, zippers, door curtains and curtains should be opened lightly, and forced pulling is strictly prohibited.

(4) Use environment: the temperature is -30℃-50℃.

(5) The air column of the tent shall not carry other items over 10kg, and heavy objects (over 5kg) are not allowed.

(6) Contact with acidic substances, such as benzene, ketone and other organic solvents is strictly prohibited.

(7) During the use of the tent, special personnel should be sent to carry out regular inspection and maintenance, and problems should be dealt with in time.

(8) When retracting the tent, open the doors and windows, exhaust the air in the air column, and then fold the tent.

4. Maintenance of inflatable tents

(1) When cleaning, it is recommended to use neutral detergent, and it is strictly forbidden to use organic solvents such as benzene and ketone.

(2) Always check the air tightness of each air column and the firmness of each accessory.

(3) If there are any damaged parts and air leakage, please repair according to the following procedures:

1. Treat each joint surface first.

2. Brush the pre-bonded surface with the adhesive provided by our company. The brushing should be even and the thickness should be appropriate. It can only be glued after two brushes.

3. The shape of the bonding interface is generally designed to be circular or oval, try to avoid the shape of square and acute-angle interface, and the overlap width is not less than 30mm.

4. After the solvent in the adhesive has evaporated, the adhesive can be bonded, and the patch should be flat and without wrinkles. At the same time, a hair dryer should be used to provide a heat source to facilitate bonding. After 6 hours of bonding, it can be inflated and put into use.

5. Inflatable tent storage and transportation

After the tent is used, the following work should be carried out:

After the tent is used, first check whether there is any leftovers in the tent. If there are leftovers, clean them up

(1) During the disassembly process, all parts should be pulled gently, not forcefully. After disassembly, all tarpaulins should be folded flat, but not folded. All accessories should be placed in the designated packaging and sealed.

(2) Storage environment requirements: Store in a cool, dry and well-ventilated warehouse.

Exposure to sunlight is strictly prohibited. Storage temperature is -35℃-50℃.

(3) During transportation, it is strictly forbidden to lift and inflatable water slide the awning on the ground, requiring multiple people to lift or transport it by vehicle.

(4) Heavy objects are not allowed on the packing box

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