inflatable tents with new valve technology

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-10-22
With the emergence of new gas beam and valve technology, Vango inflatable tent also came into being.
I test how well they work in reality.
When I grew up, the family size tent was heavy and hard to set up, only partially waterproof.
Watch my mom try to erect one of these monsters on her own and let me not camp for the time being.
This summer, Vango has prepared a tent for my family for their Airbeam to test.
It has had all sorts of clever techniques and advancements since I was camping when I was young, but for me, there is a huge difference ---
A person can easily lift them, whether in strength, height or experience.
I think my mom will agree.
If you are not following these things, there are 1 feet pumps in the vango \'sairbeam tent, no poles.
Simply inflate the big tube to the right pressure, that\'s it.
The construction of the beams is to include the bending in the proper place, and once it expands, the foam air channels enhance them.
The idea has drawn strange eyes from other campers and festival audiences, but has been developing since 1998.
At 2010, the first tent was launched.
Iterative design and action based on feedback, let\'s see the big AirBeam tent we have today.
In the 50 years of making tents, it\'s interesting to see how technology continues to influence the evolutionary design of Wange.
In addition to materials and design, there are some considerable techniques here.
Even the valve of the beam evolved. -
Both in terms of efficiency and positioning on the beam.
It used to be hard to deflate for my family to enter the airflow beam tent, but this year the airflow valve made it easier to deflate and pack.
The model we tested was the therivendale800 xl, and the tents for these 8 individuals were reasonable compared to the pole-type tents of the same size.
We like high ceilings.
My wife can\'t touch it)
And AirBeam awning space for outdoor serviceinside space.
It offers a range of ventilation, but we did miss having a door on both sides of the tent for our unusually hot camping trip in August.
In addition to this, the layout works well with rich pockets and clever scrolling
Window guard.
My only other annoyance is (as ever)
A slightly larger bag can be placed in the tent.
This will make it easier to put it down and make all the air.
I still don\'t know why the tent maker only offers a bag big enough for the tent.
As an experiment, I challenged my 11-year-old son to set up the tent on a trip.
I never asked him to do it alone with a pole or frame tent ---
Worry about the sheer power needed to hold the outside or.
However, 20 minutes later we came back and we had a perfect tent and a son with a very proud smile.
If you are looking for a spacious family tent that is lighter than most and very easy to install, the Vango AirBeam tent is well worth a visit.
It\'s not the cheapest option, but using an option I don\'t think I can imagine going back to the pole and frame.
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