Inflatable tent use and use

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-15

There are many types of inflatable tents, among which military inflatable tents can be used in: collective camping training, temporary military command posts, field construction operations, field hospitals, rescue and disaster relief, temporary clubs , Inflatable tents can be used in emergency rescue, rescue, isolation and treatment. Decontamination tents can be used for field bathing, disinfection, sewage collection and more. Civil tents can be used in sports and entertainment venues and camping, leisure, tourism, banquets, etc.

Main functions of inflatable tents

Generally, a relatively strong PVC material is used, which has the characteristics of moisture resistance, heat preservation, infrared resistance, anti-mosquito, flame retardant and so on. With the air column as the frame, the traditional bracket frame is abandoned, and the international popular form is adopted. The product has the characteristics of light weight, small volume, high stability and no rainwater storage. At present, there are many domestic inflatable tent manufacturers, and the inflatable tents produced are favored by many foreign customers. Various types of tents represented by inflatable tents have been exported to more than 40 foreign countries.

Assembly knowledge of inflatable tents

Taking inflatable tents as an example, the choice of camp is very important. Then open the outer packaging bag, spread the inflatable tent flat on the ground, and start inflating with a high-pressure air pump or a foot pump. Focus on it until the tent is properly propped up. Finally, lay the ground anchor and tighten the wind rope.


Q: What should I do if the inflatable tent leaks?

Answer: Wipe the air column clean first, and check for air leaks by smearing soapy water on the surface. If the hole at the leak point is very small, you can use a small piece of round uniform standard maintenance cloth to be covered with special glue, and then stick it on the leak point after the glue is dry. firm. If the air leak is at the air column heat seam, you can brush the glue twice. It should be applied evenly and the thickness is appropriate. After the glue dries, it can be glued.

The maintenance cloth must be designed in a round or oval shape, avoiding the interface shape with sharp corners, and the overlap width should be 3cm. The patch is glued flat, then rolled, scraped, and then heated with a hair dryer to make the bond stronger. It can be used normally after 6 hours of repairing.


1. When cooking in a tent, use a fireproof board to isolate the flame, and the flame must be kept away from the tarpaulin. Do not leave people in the tent when cooking. Always be prepared to put out the fire and install an exhaust fan to remove oil fumes.

2. When it is predicted that the local wind will exceed level 8, the tent should be removed in advance. to avoid unnecessary losses.

3. The tent must be dried before being stored, and then folded and stored after it is completely dry. If it is too late to dry the tent in special circumstances, remember that it must not be stored for a long time, and it must be dried again when the conditions are suitable. , otherwise it will stain and mildew.
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