Inflatable tent selection | Inflatable tent selection considerations

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-12

Tips for choosing an inflatable tent for camping in the wild:

These days, many people prefer to camp in the wild for their vacation. The editor of Beijing Rescue Supplies Co., Ltd. will introduce you to the options of camping and the precautions for the use of inflatable tents. Beijing Lifesaving Products Co., Ltd. is a famous inflatable product. Manufacturer of inflatable tents.

Generally, camping inflatable tents are divided into single inflatable tents, double inflatable tents, three-person inflatable tents, etc. However, the most practical are the double-layer inflatable tents. The inner inflatable tent can be used for ventilation, while the outer inflatable tent can be waterproof, cold and warm. Prices usually range from a few hundred to a few thousand. Of course, the quality at the higher price point is definitely much better.

Inflatable Tents

Early camping inflatable tents mostly used fiberglass as support poles, which were bulky and fragile and beyond repair. Now, inflatable tents with aluminum alloy support poles have replaced the lightweight and inexpensive fiberglass support pole inflatable tents. The bigger the diameter, the thinner, of course, the bigger the diameter, the stronger.

In order to highlight the waterproof function of the outer account, the inner side is coated with pu waterproof material, while the outer side is usually oxford cloth. Double layer material resists heavy rain.

According to the number and shape of poles, inflatable tents can be divided into four types: standard X type, fish type, frog type and crab type.

1. Standard X Account

This inflatable tent uses two folding poles folded into an X shape to secure the inner inflatable tent and cover the outer inflatable tent. The structure is simple and fast, but has low stability and weak wind resistance.

2. Fish-shaped account

This inflatable tent has better wind resistance than the X-shaped inflatable tent. Despite the use of two poles, the inflatable tent looks like a fish from the outside and is more wind resistant due to the way it traverses.

3. Frog Account

The frog inflatable tent uses three struts, first two poles are crossed in an X shape to hang the inner inflatable tent, then a third short is supported on the outside in the direction of the entrance poles so that the inflatable tent looks wide at the entrance and narrow at the entrance. Entrance from afar. Like a big frog lying on its stomach. Better wind resistance, but longer build time, relatively less space, and heavier weight.

4. Crab Account

This inflatable tent needs more physical space in the front. With a two-half or three-pole design, the inner inflatable tent is supported by two X-shaped poles, and the third pole is inserted laterally from the intersection of the X-poles, so the inflatable tent is a cuboid like a trapezoid. The previous inflatable tents were all pyramid structures, with pointed ends at the top and large ends at the bottom, and the actual space was very small.

Inflatable tent construction skills:

1. After opening the inflatable tent, fix it firmly with wind ropes and ground nails. This not only acts as wind and rain protection, but also separates the inner inflatable tent and the outer inflatable tent to prevent the inner inflatable tent from dripping, because if the inner inflatable tent and the outer inflatable tent are stuck together, it will be cold when the weather is cold. The condensation water generated inside the outer inflatable tent will drip into the inflatable tent through the inner inflatable tent.

2. The bottom inflatable tent is the most easily worn part of the inflatable tent. To extend the life of your inflatable tent, you can bring an extra base cloth to protect the bottom inflatable tent from abrasion and moisture.

3. To build an inflatable tent, please avoid placing the inflatable tent in wet and uneven places, and choose a dry and flat place. And pay attention to clearing the ground of stones and bushes to prevent puncturing the bottom account.

Finally, pay attention to the material of the inflatable tent. Generally, there is no difference between an inner inflatable tent and an outer inflatable tent. The new popular fabric is tear-resistant plaid, which is strong and lightweight.

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