Inflatable tent’s Installation and Storage and transportation


Inflatable tent’s Installation and  Storage and transportation

Inflatable tent adopts the structure frame (inflatable type), the inflatable air column adopts high-strength polyester filament mesh cloth (PVC airtight cloth), the tarpaulin uses the waterproof and fire-retardant Oxford cloth or PVC airtight cloth, The material has the advantages of high tensile strength, high rigidity, good air tightness, light weight, little wind resistance, waterproof, heat insulation, cold resistance, sound insulation performance, simple installation and removal, easy to carry, beautiful design and comfortable living. Features. Widely used in camping, field construction, fire, disaster relief, rescue, travel, play, advertising, exhibition sales, roof, outdoor activities and other environments. Other forms of similar products with no comparable, by the majority of users of the welcome and praise.
Inflatable tent use instructions:

(A) the preparatory work before installation
1. Site requirements: site is more flat, the ground and the surrounding does not allow sharp objects with contact, and drag on the ground to avoid damage to the body and frame, affecting its service life and appearance.
2. Check whether the whole device is damaged parts, the annex can be used normally.
3. Ready install tools, such as inflatable air pump or inflatable blower.

(B) installation
1. Tile the frame and backing on the ground, inflate the inflatable frame .During inflation, can simultaneously inflate the two inflatable valve to ensure that all parts synchronous expansion, the column does not allow knotted, If air current passes impeded, With the hand gently pat a few times. When gas column set up, a few people can help them to stretch, hold up the tent , prompting the column quickly erected.
2. For the first time stamping, the air pressure is not allowed to exceed 13.3kpa. After the air column is fully expanded ,in 5 minutes fill gas stripping pressure, but the maximum pressure is not allowed to exceed 20kpa. According to the environment temperature gas pressure can be appropriately increase and reduction to prevent airbag burst. Suggesting large and small tents can be used directly to achieve the inflatable pressurization method.
3. Air column in place to the designated location, the transport process to be held in place at the same time by a few people , is strictly prohibited on the ground drag sliding.
4. The installation of tarpaulin, pull light, is strictly prohibited to force the pull, and other accessories and zipper zipper requirements to be strong and strong connections.
5. Ground anchor installation, and the insertion depth of the ground to play a real role in tightening the anchor, ground anchor inserted into the ground layer to be compacted.
6. Check each device firmly to ensure that the position and position tolerance of 0.5% before being put into use.

(C) Use
(1) the use of Guangzhou joyifnlatable tent, the first fire prevention work, should always pay attention to (although all inflatable fabric all fire-retardant, but not all of the fire).
(2) prohibits sharp sharp objects and contact with the body Peng.
(3) of the gluing, zipper and curtain, curtains gently open, strictly forbidden strong pull hard pull.
(4) the use of the environment: temperature -30 ℃ -+ 65 ℃ under use.
(5) Tent gas column bearing other items not allowed to exceed the weight of 10KG. More not allowed to hang heavy objects (more than 5KG items).
(6) is strictly prohibited contact with acidic goods, such as benzene, ketones and other organic solvents.
(7) in the course of the use of tents, should be equipped with specialized personnel to conduct regular inspections, maintenance, identify problems in a timely manner.
(8) When take down the tent , the doors and windows of tent tent should be open, and the air in the air column is drained and then folded.
(D) Maintenance and repair
(1) in the cleaning, the proposed use of neutral washing liquid cleaning, water or diluted soapy water, prohibited with benzene, ketones and other organic solvents.
(2) Often check the air column’s air tightness, the soundness of all accessories.
(3) If damaged parts, please click here to repair:
1. The first treatment of the bonding surface, available acetone, butanone, tetrahydrofuran and other surface treatment.
2. The use of the company’s wh-01 adhesive, brush it in the pre-adhesive surface, requiring uniform brushing, the thickness of appropriate brushing 2 times before bonding.
3. Adhesive mouth shape should be designed to be round or oval, try to avoid the square and acute angle interface shape, lap width of not less than 30mm.
4. To be solvent after the solvent evaporation can be done, the patch, the patch to be smooth, no wrinkles, roll, flattening, while the supply of heat with a hair dryer, easy bonding. After 6 hours bonding can be put into use after inflation.

E) Storage and transportation
After use of the tent, need to do the following:
After the use of the tent should first check whether there are items left in the tent, if left over, clean up
(1) the demolition of the components should be lightly pulled, can not be forcibly pulled, after the demolition, the tarpaulin folded flat, but the fold can not have drape, the Accessories focused on the specified packaging, sealing.
(2) storage of environmental requirements: on a cool dry ventilated warehouse, is strictly prohibited under the hot sun exposure, storage temperature -35 ℃ – + 50 ℃.
(3) the transport is strictly prohibited in the ground Tora glide, need a few people hold up or car transport.
(4)the package is not allowed put on weight

There are three kinds of inflatable tents, one for the directly inflate membrane structure tents, that is to put a tent closed, the door has a gas behind closed doors, to the tent a certain pressure another gas-bearing membrane structure tent, the use of some air column To withstand the space single-layer membrane. The other is a double-membrane structure of the tent, the middle of the double membrane, the middle of a link, so that the overall use of gas up all.
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