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by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-20

Recently, I have received a lot of inquiries from customers about products. How much is the price of your inflatable tent? How to calculate the price? Why is the price of each factory so different? A single square meter can vary by more than 100 yuan, and different factories have different prices. , How big is the gap in quality? Whether I go to forums, or QQ, WeChat, etc., I receive a lot of friends every day, asking me similar questions 'How much is your product?' 'How to calculate the price of military tents' and so on such inquiries. Whenever I see these inquiries, I will stop all the important and unimportant things at hand, and patiently answer every customer who consults. No matter you are in our company, we will serve you with enthusiasm. answer these questions.

First of all, let's understand the particularity of the inflatable tent. The air column is made of double-coated PVC, with 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.9mm mm thickness varies, this is only the air column part, so the final price is also different. The inner lining includes Shumei silk, and Shumei silk is divided into fireproof and non-fireproof types. As for military use, some need fireproof cotton lining. Because the fireproof cotton grade of each factory is different, the fireproof cotton purchased by our company is different. , the price is about tens of yuan per square meter. It is conceivable that if the finished product is finally produced, it is still very possible that the price difference of one square meter is 60 yuan. Finally, we talked about the outer drape, which is covered with Oxford cloth and PVC, and some of the outer drapes for export have higher temperature requirements, so the outer drape can only be made of TPU material. , If the material is resistant to a low temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius, only the TPU outer cover can be used, similar to ordinary PVC, Oxford cloth, the temperature is lower than ten degrees, and it is easily broken during the folding process. Then it is also possible that a one-square-meter inflatable tent has a price difference of hundreds of yuan or more in the selection of outer covering materials.

About its particularity: custom-made inflatable tents, the custom-made cycle is long, about 5-15 days, and each customer needs different sizes, specifications and styles , The price difference is relatively large, so it is impossible to sell it on the e-commerce platform with a clear price, so the purchase is generally made by directly contacting the manufacturer. The general process is that the customer first puts forward his own requirements, what are the requirements for the inner lining, outer covering, height, weight, use environment, Wait one by one to make a budget and then give you a final quote. In the design process, our designers also consider the use environment of the design.

In summary, I believe you have a general understanding of the price of tents. Let's talk about how much is the inflatable tent? Take us for example.

1. The minimum custom made can be 3 square meters, 2 meters long * 1.5 meters wide * 1.75 high, can accommodate 1-2 people to rest in the tent . The inflatable hangar customized by our company is more than 1,000 square meters, and there are some other accessories inside. From this aspect alone, it is impossible to quote in square meters. After all, the technological content of custom inflatable hangars is very high. ,

2, the price below 50 square meters is calculated as a set, such as 3 square meters ** yuan (including logistics fees, invoicing plus points); 5 square meters ** yuan (Including logistics fees, invoicing plus points), etc. (The prices I mentioned here are for reference only, please refer to the customized requirements and customer service quotations for specific prices.)

3. Of course, regarding the common ones, our air column is made of double-sided coated PVC with a thickness of 0.9mm, and the outer cover is made of ordinary Oxford cloth. The general price is more than 200 yuan per square meter. However, if the outer cover is made of pvc, and there are special requirements for the weight of PVC and waterproofing, the price will be 300 yuan per square meter. Many people may ask me at this time. The price of other manufacturers I asked is only a few hundred yuan. One square meter, and it is guaranteed that it will be used for 8 years without any problem. Dear purchasers, don’t confuse the marriage inflatable tent with our inflatable tent. The wedding banquet inflatable tent is just a temporary place for a mobile hotel. And our customized tents have special requirements in terms of windproof, rainproof and fireproof. To put it bluntly, don't compare the price with military-quality tents, there is no comparison.

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