Inflatable tent hotel, the world's only Antarctic tent hotel

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-12

Camping at the southernmost tip of the earth, military aviation arriving at the hotel, playing with penguins, what kind of mysterious veil is this place where Prince Harry and the 'Wild Survival' explorer have been to?

This hotel is not luxuriously decorated and the room size is not large. The key point is that it is just a hotel inflatable tent, and the surrounding environment is extremely cold. But if you want to stay here for one night, you have to spend nearly 600,000 yuan to achieve it. Yes, you heard that right! £64,000 and that's only for one person! All because - this hotel is located in the southernmost point of the earth - Antarctica.

However, as long as you book this Antarctic travel itinerary worth more than 600,000 RMB, you can experience: starting from Cape Town, military transport aircraft, The whole journey only takes 5.5 hours, and the 12-level strong wind is silent. The treatment of luxury tent hotels in the Antarctic continent around the world can be described as value for money.

If you happen to be a rich man and are interested in an Antarctic trip with a luxury hotel, there is still a chance this year - because Antarctica has a very good season for travel. For a short period of time, the best time is November to December every year, and there are still reservations on the website.

And the organizer of this formation is the owner of this hotel. As long as you book this Antarctic tour worth more than 600,000 RMB, they will arrange for the guests to depart from Cape Town, South Africa, and take a military transport plane, which takes only 5.5 hours to arrive.

Congratulations from the moment you land, you have become one of the few people in the world who can actually step into the Antarctic continent

Of course in Antarctica, other than that, you'd be hard-pressed to find a place to host you. Scientific research station? But don't confuse the scientists!

On the official website of the 'White Desert' in the United Kingdom, we can see this luxury hotel located in the southernmost point of the earth. Six light beige spherical buildings stand in a vast snow and ice dotted with rocks.

The hotel is a former camp that was founded in 2006 by polar explorer Patrick Woodhead and his wife Robin Woodhead and has been in operation since then. 10 years.

In 2002, Patrick led a team to cross Antarctica from east to west for the first time. On the way, he encountered a blizzard, and he and his companions were trapped in a tent for four years. Days and nights. Hungry, they fantasized about how nice it would be if they could enjoy the Antarctic scenery and have comfortable travel and accommodation at the same time.

This made the couple think, is it really possible to have a luxurious trip to Antarctica? Visitors can experience everything a polar explorer can see and feel the incredible beauty of the polar regions, without having to struggle in the ice and snow for months, and the energy consumed every day on skis is enough to run two marathons.

This amazing couple finally realized their extravagant dreams. The camp of the 'White Desert' company was set up 'according to the luxurious conditions of the African adventure in the old century'. The couple started bit by bit, slowly expanding the simple camp, and transporting the various parts by expensive air transportation time after time. Seed materials are sent here like ants moving house.

Gradually, the camp became more and more famous. When rich people wanted to go to Antarctica, they would look for the 'white desert' . Even Britain's Prince Harry and Wilderness explorer anchor Bear Grylls have been here.

As the camp celebrates its tenth anniversary, the world's most remote estate has received a comprehensive luxury upgrade. The appearance of the inflatable tent is stitched with high-strength fiberglass, which can keep quiet even in the face of the strong wind of level 12 in Antarctica, and the guests inside do not feel any noise.

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