Inflatable tent fabric what kind? Inflatable tent thinner people love, gradually replaced the traditional tent. The inflatable tent

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-03-05
Leisure, generally use more nylon and washing, Greg, Oxford is commonly used in professional outdoor sports, apply to extreme environment such as mountain, plateau, snow mountain environment professional tent. Nylon and cloth washing use with general leisure more inflatable tent. Judgment standard: the greater the density, the better, the higher the degree of waterproof, the better. 1, the water is only appearance with AC or PU. Generally used for children or game waterproof inflatable tent class 2, 300 mm is generally used for beach tent/shade account or the account of the lack of rain in the cotton 3, waterproof - 800 mm 1200 mm for the conventional simple class 4 inflatable tent camping, waterproof - 1500 mm 2000 mm for more mid-range inflatable tent, need to travel for many days. More than 5, waterproof 3000 mm general is a professional inflatable tent, high temperature resistance/cold resistance and other technical processing. Outside the tent cloth waterproof performance, the index is still how many mm per square centimeter under water. General professional tent rain index above 1500 mm, can be to prevent the heavy rain; And the individual professional mountain tents can be achieved 3000 - 4000 mm, can prevent the action of continuous heavy rain. Quality * * * rain tarpaulin, not only rain index is high, and the wiring stitch joint and generous pressure strip, water seepage in line joints. Although outside the tent protection index is high, the rain is a problem. Even if rain of the clear night, after a sleep will account inside out is full of water particles, especially on the ground of the grass and so on moisture big inflatable tent. Accumulated much will drop into the account. Outside, rain indicators are relatively low, inside water less than rain. Article source: http://zixun. 99114. com/92375898_2。 html
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