Inflatable tent fabric waterproof, waterproof, moisture permeable, breathable, windproof explanation

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-12

The water-repellent properties of inflatable tent fabrics - water-repellent fabrics refer to the fact that the fabric is very treated with water-repellent agents, and its surface can make water droplets form beads, which will not penetrate and diffuse to wet the clothes, and achieve a lotus leaf-like effect. Water-repellent function (lotus effect). Water-repellent finishing uses this principle to attach a layer of ultra-fine 'needle beds' to the surface of the fabric with various chemical materials, so that the tension on the surface of the fabric is less than the cohesive force of water, so the water droplets will form water droplets and roll away. Not spread out and soaked. If this layer of needle bed structure is flattened or covered with oil stains, the water repellency of the fabric will be greatly reduced, or even begin to absorb water.

The functional treatment of water repellency to prevent water infiltration, the current water blocking treatment often uses a water blocking film to block the penetration of water molecules, but the film itself is too fragile, so it is necessary to rely on the cooperation between the surface cloth, the film, and the inside. in order to achieve the function of water repellency. The water resistance is expressed by the water pressure resistance value, that is, a water repellent cloth with a fixed area blocks the continuous rising water pressure. When the third drop of water seeps out from the surface, it is the water pressure resistance value of the fabric, which usually exceeds 1000mm. To achieve the basic water blocking ability.

Inflatable tent fabric-breathability refers specifically to the function provided by the indirect breathable water-repellent film, not to mention breathability, because it is two different ventilation mechanisms, although it can eventually allow sweat to pass through the fabric. external distribution. Breathability needs to wait for the sweat to be absorbed by the hydrophilic non-porous film and become sweat molecules inside and move to the outside of the film in a micro-Brown leisure manner, affected by the humidity pressure difference between the inside and outside of the work clothes, and then converted into gas and discharged through the surface cloth. So it is called indirect ventilation.

In the water-blocking and breathable film, the breathability refers to the function provided by the water-repellent porous water-blocking film. Breathing is to allow the gas to directly pass through the voids of the 'water-repellent porous film'. It is called direct because of its high speed. Breathable.

Inflatable tent fabric - as long as the fabric has a certain wind resistance function, the tighter the fabric, the stronger the wind resistance. If the air permeability is not good, its wind resistance is generally stronger. High-quality fabric is the perfect combination of breathability and wind resistance.

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