Inflatable tent fabric

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-12
Outdoor inflatable tent tarpaulins are mostly made of tomb cloth after finishing processes such as coating. The base fabric is the basic skeleton of the outdoor tent fabric, and the ultimate performance of the product is largely determined by the base fabric. Such as tear strength and tensile breaking strength.

Therefore, choosing appropriate raw materials, designing reasonable specifications and adopting the best process is the basis for obtaining a good performance inflatable tent base fabric. In terms of raw materials, it mainly went through three stages. Before the 1970s, cotton canvas was basically used. Due to the shortcomings of cotton canvas, which is easy to mold, not resistant to corrosion, easy to burn, and has a short service life, it is gradually replaced by new raw materials with excellent performance.

Since the 1980s, vinylon canvas has gradually dominated the market. Compared with cotton canvas, it has strong chemical corrosion resistance, is not easy to be scooped, and has high strength. After its popularization and use, it has achieved excellent social and economic benefits.

Since the 1990s, the chemical fiber industry has developed rapidly. Compared with cotton and vinylon, polyester has poor hygroscopicity and almost no moisture absorption, so the mechanical properties are not very different in dry and wet states; high breaking strength and elastic die plate, moderate resilience, excellent heat setting performance, and high heat resistance 123 . Until now, the raw material of tarpaulin is still mostly polyester. Three tent base fabrics with different porosity of 17%, 20% and 23% were designed using 245 dtex polyester filament, and their properties were compared by side tests, in order to develop a tent base fabric with excellent moisture permeability , to improve the current situation of dripping and wet tents.

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