Inflatable tent explanation

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-13

Explanation of inflatable tents

The outer tarpaulin is made of reinforced polyester fabric with a single-sided PVC waterproof coating, which is an important variety of synthetic fibers. It can last for a long time. Generally speaking, if the inflatable tent is covered with PVC, its service life will be greatly increased.

Inflatable tent structure

The inflatable tent is an arched inflatable frame structure. The inflation pressure is 15-20kpa. The air column material is made of high-strength PVC1000D sandwich-coated air-tight cloth; the ground cloth of the inflatable tent is a heat-synthesized PVC composite cloth. For the stability of the tent, it can prevent the two sides of the tent from being deflected outwards and cause deformation of the inflatable tent.

Design of inflatable tents

The side windows of the inflatable tents are opened, we use customized widening zippers to prevent the zipper from being tight and easily damaged; the windows are equipped with waterproof curtains and gauze, gauze The craft is willing to play a good role in ventilation, heat dissipation and mosquito prevention in summer.

Details of the inflatable tent

Waterproof treatment of the tent fixed fiber pull ring: a cuff treatment on the high position of the outer tarpaulin to prevent rainwater from being left in the tent ; The pull ring is designed at the position where the high-heeled cuffs of the air column overlap, and is used to thread the rope to fix and reinforce the tent; the pull rings of our company are all handmade from double-layer leather.

Inflatable tent accessories

Ground drills, wind ropes, repair kits.

Use of inflatable tents

Because of its reasonable design and high quality, the inflatable tent we produce can be used for various types of inflatables for emergency relief, medical rescue, field operations, field accommodation, etc. tent. Party, wedding, celebration, exhibition, conference, festival, stage, storage and other occasions.

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