Inflatable tent customization process

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-17

1. The composition of the inflatable tent base: inflatable air column frame, outer pen tarpaulin, inner lining, anti-scratch ground cloth and other four major components

2. Inflatable tent size: 5.Om* 3.0m*2.80m; projection area 15㎡

3. Internal size: 4.6m*2.6m*2.6m, usable area 11.96㎡

4. Outer tarpaulin: Dpvc waterproof Coated cloth

5. Inner lining: comfortable and beautiful silk cloth

6. Inflatable air column: 0.70nnn PVC airtight cloth

7. Ground cloth : Special ground cloth for inflatable tents, wear-resistant and moisture-proof knife scraping cloth

8. Inflatable tent door: height 2.0m*width 1.7m (1 fan)

9. Window size: 0.6 m*0.6m (4 fans)

10. Air valve configuration: (multi-function air valve + 1 safety valve)

11. Working air pressure: 18~25kpa

12. The production process of the inflatable tent: the main air column frame is made by high-frequency heat sealing and heat sealing process, the outer tarpaulin is made of double needle sewing process, the sewing part of the tent next to the outer pen cloth is made of high temperature heat sealing and rainproof tape, and the outer awning The cloth and the air column are fixed as a whole by means of Velcro.

13. Special requirements: no

14. About the logo: no

15. Configuration: set the vent (the vent can be used as the inlet and outlet of the heater pipe) , valve port, more than 2 sets of charging and discharging integrated, pull rope, rope tightener, ground needle, hand basket, maintenance kit, etc.

16. Adapted temperature: -30~+70P

17. Construction time: 12~15min

18. Wind resistance level: 8 (20.7n/s)

19. Snow resistance: can carry fresh snow 200nm< /p>

20. Estimated product weight: 60KG

21. Estimated packaging size: 1.2m*0.5m*0.5m

22. Packaging style : Oxford cloth bag

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