Inflatable Tent | Advantages of Inflatable Tent

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-21
Introduction to inflatable tents and advantages of inflatable tents

1: What is an inflatable tent

Inflatable tents are a kind of tents that use the principle of structural mechanics to design a frame, and use the characteristics of gas pressure to expand the airbag to form a column with a certain rigidity body, through organic combination to hold up the skeleton of the tent. Mainly used for moisture-proof, waterproof, wind-resistant, dust-proof, sun-proof, rescue and disaster relief, short-term field training, and short-term field operations.

1) Cloth material: PVC coated cloth 2) Inflatable column material: PVC coated polyester interwoven cloth

3) Adaptable temperature: -30°-+70°4) Frame wind resistance: 6- Grade 8

5) Hydrostatic pressure ≥ 16kpa6) Surface water resistance: 160-200mm

7) Inflation time: 2-10min (varies with tent size)

2: Features of inflatable tents< /p> 1) Process

It is produced by a combination of adhesive bonding and high-frequency heat sealing. The air column is made of PVC double-sided coated cloth, and the tarpaulin is made of waterproof and anti-ultraviolet materials. Flameproof, mildewproof, anti-ultraviolet, moisture-proof and so on. The tent is an inflatable tent, and the tent frame is an air column structure. Compared with the general metal bracket tent, it has the characteristics of light body, small size after folding, convenient and easy to carry.

2) Assembly and erection

The erection of the inflatable tent is very convenient, first choose a place with a flat ground, then open the package, lay the inflatable tent on the ground, and start inflating with an air pump or a foot pump, Stand one person at each corner (if the tent area is small, 1-2 people can also complete it), pull the rope to prevent the weight from being able to be balanced and stand up until it is well supported. Finally, lay the ground anchor and tighten the wind rope.

3) Dismantling

When dismantling the inflatable tent, you only need to let it deflate naturally, or be pumped by an electric charging and discharging pump.

4) Advantages

Compared with ordinary metal bracket tents, inflatable tents have incomparable advantages. They are light in weight and small in size, and have advantages that ordinary metal bracket tents do not have in transportation. And its erection and dismantling are very simple, will not waste more manpower and time, especially suitable for rapid response to emergencies. When the environment is harsh and cannot be delivered, the inflatable tent can also be airdropped.

5) Performance

The construction and disassembly is relatively simple and quick, you can install or disassemble in a very short time to save your precious time; better thermal insulation, the inflatable tent is made of high-quality pvc waterproof canvas, resistant to tearing, better tensile strength, better aging resistance and longer service life.

6) The difference between inflatable tents and ordinary metal bracket tents


Metal bracket tents use iron pipes as brackets, so their weight is relatively large, which is unavoidable for transportation and Mobile brings trouble. Especially the larger the tent, the more brackets are used, and as the area of u200bu200bthe tent increases, the load-bearing requirements are also greater, which results in an increase in the bearing capacity of the brackets, and correspondingly larger wall thicknesses will be used. The iron pipe, the weight of the tent is also greater. The inflatable tent is an inflatable keel and can be folded. Compared with the ordinary metal tent with an iron tube support structure, the weight is obviously lighter, so it is relatively easy to transport.


In the same tent volume, tents with metal support structures cannot be freely packed due to the existence of iron tube brackets; and iron tube brackets are generally longer in length, resulting in slightly smaller The vehicle will not be able to fit in, so in its transportation, it is necessary to use a relatively large vehicle. The inflatable tent, because it is a soft body, has an inflatable keel, and the air column can be folded at will after deflation; this design allows the tent to be folded freely after use, only occupying a small volume, and can be easily put into small In domestic vehicles and ordinary vehicles. Easy to transport.

3--Erection and dismantling

The metal bracket tent needs to be erected by many people, and the erection time is long, and the larger the tent, the more personnel required, and the longer the time-consuming.

7) Installation Precautions

1. When installing on mud or sand, you can dig a drainage ditch around the tent to ensure the dryness of the ground inside the tent.

2. If you need to cook in the tent, be sure to keep the flame away from the tarpaulin or isolate the flame with a fireproof board. When cooking, people should not leave the tent. Make a plan for fire extinguishing and install exhaust fans to remove oil fumes.

3. When it is predicted that the local wind will exceed level 8, please remove the tent in advance. to avoid unnecessary losses.

4. Before storing the cotton tent, be sure to dry the tarpaulin, and then fold it for storage after it has recovered to dryness. If it is too late to dry the tarpaulin, remember that it must not be stored for a long time to avoid mildew.

5. Depending on the local humidity and climate, dry the tarpaulin regularly to avoid the breeding of bacteria and damage to the rain-proof coating of the disaster relief tent.

8) Maintenance of inflatable tents

If you find air leaks, you can wipe the air column clean first, and then smear the surface with soapy water to check for air leaks. If the leak point is a small hole, you can use a small piece of round repair cloth (all standard inflatable tents have it inside), then apply glue, and stick it on the leak point after the glue dries, and the bonding is tight. .

If the air leakage is at the air-column heat seam, it can be dealt with in the following steps:

1. Clean the bonding surface first.

2. The inflatable tents we send will be equipped with a bottle of glue, a special glue for the air column of the inflatable tent, and brush it on the pre-bonded surface. It must be painted evenly and the thickness is appropriate. ready to glue.

3. The shape of the bonding interface should be designed as a circle or an ellipse, try to avoid the shape of square and acute angle interface, and the overlap width should not be less than 30mm.

4. After the glue has evaporated, it can be bonded. The patch must be flat and without wrinkles. Rolling and scraping are carried out. At the same time, a heat source is supplied with a hair dryer to facilitate bonding. It can be inflated after 6 hours of bonding

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