Inflatable medical tent

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-11
The inflatable medical tent helps the tension,

Let's take a look at these advantages of the inflatable medical tent!

Inflatable medical tents can be used in different scenarios, such as the new crown epidemic, emergency rescue and disaster relief, field training, medical service projects for short-term field operations, etc.

The inflatable medical tent is modularized, and the standardized accessories are connected to each other, which can be combined into a field hospital of any size;

The hospital bed area and passageway are built with two different specifications of inflatable tents;< /p> The inflatable medical tent is easy to store and transport, and the construction is fast;

The production process of the inflatable medical tent is simple and easy to mass produce;

The inflatable medical tent can be used many times, and the product has strong adaptability to different environments .

Considering the different characteristics of critically ill patients and basic diagnosis and treatment, the hospital is divided into different areas; it is separated from the patients in the rest area; the staff, medical staff and management personnel are separated from the outside of the hospital, the material storage is at the innermost side, and the functional vehicles And the apron is on the outermost side, ready to go at any time.

Considering the characteristics of different patients, our factory inflatable medical tents have various classifications. Such as nucleic acid collection room, nucleic acid laboratory, positive pressure medical tent, negative pressure medical tent, etc.

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