Inflatable Decontamination Tent | Inflatable Decontamination Tent Equipment

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-11

Equipment accessories for decontamination inflatable tents: electric charging and exhausting pump, integrated decontamination machine, decontamination and sewage pump, decontamination mixing tank, self-elevating water storage bag, waste water recycling bag (you can choose freely according to your own needs Accessories)

Workflow for decontaminating inflatable tents

1. Select a flat site for the decontamination inflatable tent workflow, take out the inflatable tent from the package and spread it out flat, and place the windows Or open the door zipper;

2. Preparations before decontamination

1. Arrange the decontamination equipment on the side of the tent in order to connect the pipeline;

2. Connect the quick-connect pipes that come with the decontamination equipment to: A: water storage bag, hot water decontamination machine, liquid mixing tank, tent decontamination pipeline; B: sewage pump and waste water recovery bag as above After the pipeline is connected, fill the water inlet pipe on the hot water reprocessor with water, open the screw above the water pump inlet, drain the air in the pipeline, and then tighten the screw; (the air in the pipeline must be drained to be normal work)

3. Unscrew the fuel tank cover of the washing machine, store the diesel oil as indicated by the oil mark, tighten the fuel tank cover, and connect the hot water washing machine to the power supply; when it is necessary to drain water in the washing tent Turn on the power supply of the sewage pump, and do not run the sewage pump without water.

4. Proportionately prepare sufficient detergent in the dispensing bucket, place the dispensing bucket on the support, and adjust the amount of medicine as required after connecting the suction catheter.

3. Decontamination operations

4. Decontamination water treatment

5. Decontamination Inflatable tent heating (you can choose according to your needs)

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