Inflatable Decontamination Tent | Explanation of Inflatable Decontamination Tent

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-21

Product introduction of inflatable decontamination tent

The inflatable decontamination tent adopts an integrated design. As long as the air column is inflated with an air pump, and then the erection hood is placed, the entire decontamination room will quickly After the erection is completed and the water supply pipes for the shower are connected, the whole system can be put into use. The inflatable frame bladder is fitted with an overpressure protection valve (all large tents have) to ensure that overinflation is not damaged. The decontamination shower room is completely closed to the outside, which can effectively prevent the spread of polluted water to the surrounding environment in a strong wind environment. The washroom can be easily stored and transported in a carry bag, making it ideal for emergency rescue teams, fire departments, hospitals, teams, and industrial safety. The system is simple and convenient to set up, and is specially designed for rapid response to emergencies.

Characteristics of inflatable decontamination tents

Features of inflatable decontamination tents: easy to carry and transport, hydrostatic pressure ≥50kpa, inflation pressure 20kpa, tarpaulin flame retardant ≤15. The main material of the inflatable decontamination tent is high-strength PVC composite air-tight fabric heat-synthesis type, which can be used normally in the environment of high temperature +50℃ and low temperature -20℃.

Emergency inflatable decontamination tent equipment accessories: electric charging and exhausting pump, decontamination integrated machine, decontamination and sewage pump, decontamination mixing tank, self-elevating water storage bag, waste water recycling bag (specific to your You can freely choose accessories according to your own needs)

Workflow of the inflatable decontamination tent

1. Select a flat site for the work flow of the decontamination inflatable tent, and take out the inflatable tent from the package. Spread it out flat, and open the window or door zipper;

2. Preparations before decontamination

1. Arrange the decontamination equipment in sequence on the side of the tent to connect the pipeline;

2. Connect the quick connection pipes that come with the decontamination equipment to: A: water storage bag, hot water decontamination machine, liquid mixing tank, tent decontamination pipeline; B: sewage pump After the waste water recovery bag is connected according to the above pipeline, fill the water inlet pipe on the hot water reprocessor with water, open the screw above the pump inlet, drain the air in the pipeline, and then tighten the screw; (the pipeline must be The inner air can be drained out to work properly)

3. Unscrew the fuel tank cover of the washing machine, fill up the diesel oil according to the oil mark, tighten the fuel tank cover, and connect the hot water reprocessor to the power supply; Turn on the power supply of the sewage pump when it is necessary to drain the water in the tent, and the sewage pump must not run without water.

4. Proportionately prepare sufficient detergent in the dispensing bucket, place the dispensing bucket on the support, and adjust the amount of medicine as required after connecting the suction catheter.

3. Decontamination operation

4. Decontamination water treatment

5. Decontamination of inflatable tent heating (you can choose according to your needs)

Product composition of inflatable decontamination tent:

1. Decontamination shower and decontamination pool:

2. Inflatable device: use It takes about 3-4 minutes for the air pump to inflate.

3. Water supply device: It consists of decontamination water heater, high-pressure water supply pump, high-pressure water pipe, 7 high-pressure nozzles or 2 hand-held nozzles.

4. Wastewater treatment: After the water accumulated in the decontamination tank, use an automatic sewage pump to pump the wastewater to a waste water recycling bag for disposal

Safety matters for the use of inflatable decontamination tents

1. Before setting up the decontamination tent, the terrain must be carefully surveyed. There should be no rolling stones, logs and those weathered stones above the camp; ;

3. In order to prevent lightning strikes, do not build the tent on the top of the mountain or in the open field; when installing on mud or sand, you can dig a drainage ditch around the tent to ensure that the ground inside the tent is dry ;

4. If you need to cook in the tent, be sure to keep the flame away from the tarpaulin or isolate the flame with a fireproof board. When cooking, people cannot leave the tent. Make a plan for fire extinguishing at ordinary times, and install an exhaust fan to discharge it. Oil fume;

5. When the local wind force is predicted to exceed level 8, please remove the tent in advance.

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