How to deal with common faults of inflatable tents

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-17

How to deal with the air leakage of the inflatable tent

1. Scratched by sharp objects: If the inflatable tent's cut is longer than 5CM, use needle and thread to sew, then Post with strips or swatches. If the cut is shorter than 5CM, it can be posted directly. When posting, apply glue to the posted place and the fabric, then dry it for half a minute, and paste the fabric to the posted place. After flattening, the edges are not warped, and the posting is over.

2. Seam opening: first use needle and thread to sew the opening evenly, and then use the method of posting to make the opening firm. The bottom of the air cushion is disassembled into and sewn together without affecting the appearance.

3. Degumming: Some easily worn parts of the inflatable column are easy to degumming after long-term use. You can cut the cloth into different shapes and paste it at the degumming area.

4. Severe air leakage: after long-term use of the inflatable tent, due to the enlarged needle holes and seams in some parts, the air leakage will increase greatly. The strips are posted at the joints to reduce the amount of air leakage. If the column is too old, it can be considered invalid to avoid any accidents.

5. Edge warping at the decoration: use a small brush to apply appropriate glue at the warped edge, and after a while, flatten and press the tension to stick it firmly.

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