How to choose the inflatable tent camping?

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-03-05
Generally speaking, we buy tents, there are many factors to consider. Would such as permeability, quality is good, appearance? Buyers tend to have a lot of demand, want to buy a satisfied with the products they like. Generally choose when should pay attention to the following: 1, use the place where a lot of choice of the tent is not the same, is to choose the size and quality are also different. 2, use the minimum is double the number of general tents, and some is made larger tent. 3, the weight of the item itself tents will affect a lot of travel of the weight of the load, also affect our schedule. Tent is certainly can not be too heavy. Inflatable tent use note 1, in the mud or sand when installation, need to layer on the surface of the tile tarpaulin, prevent dirty inflatable tents, affect beautiful, and life. 2, if you need the tent in the fire to cook, be sure to make the flame away from the tent or use fire prevention board isolation, people cannot leave the tents, cooking usually completes the fire plan, install exhaust fan and eliminate lampblack. More than 3, predict the local wind more than 8, please remove inflatable tent in advance. In order to avoid unnecessary losses. 4, inflatable tent to dry or air dry prior to storage tarpaulin, organize restore dry again after folding them, such as too late to tarpaulins to dry, remember must not far, so as to avoid coloring and mildew. 5, according to the condition of humidity and local climate, air basks regularly tarpaulins, so as to avoid breeding ground for bacteria, outside the tent waterproof coating is destroyed.
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