How to choose a suitable camp for inflatable tent construction

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-16

When planning to camp, do you often encounter such questions as 'Where is the best place to camp?And other questions, today, the editor will tell you about how to choose a comfortable campsite when carrying a camping tent when traveling by car.

Car camping park

The self-driving tour we are talking about generally refers to conventional car camping, That is, driving a car, truck and other conventional vehicles, carrying a variety of camping equipment such as inflatable tents, sleeping bags, moisture-proof mats, outdoor cooking utensils and other equipment at the appropriate location for the camping experience. If you have no experience in wild camping and are worried about the inconvenience of life when camping in the wild, a dedicated car camping park is really a good place. Generally, there are small supermarkets in car camping parks, which can meet your basic daily needs.

Forest camping camp

If you plan to go camping in the mountains and woods, choose camp When under the big tree and on the north side of the mountain, try to face the sun instead of the setting sun. This way, if you rest during the day, it won't be too stuffy in your outdoor tent.

Another point to note is that in the forest, due to the storage function of the forest, the diurnal range is small, and the temperature in the forest is 0.7 lower than that in the non-forested land. ~2.3°C, lower 8-10°C in summer, 4-5°C lower in winter, and the humidity in the forest is also high, so try to choose KingCamp hollow cotton three-season sleeping bag when camping in the forest in summer, and choose a moisture-proof pad with a good moisture-proof effect. Air bed, or KingCamp velvet KM3544 self-inflating pad.

Prairie camping camp

For grassland camping, don’t choose a stagnant pond or a dense Grassland and places where there may be stagnant water, because these places are the breeding places for mosquitoes, it is very important to prevent mosquitoes in grassland camping in summer. Then don't go deep into the hinterland of the grassland, where the danger is greater, and there may be wild beasts (although there are wild beasts, it means that the ecological protection here is in place). Or choose a place about an hour's drive into the grassland.

In addition, if you go camping in the grassland, you must use a double-layer thickened inflatable tent. One is that it has good wind resistance. The grassland is very cold at night and the temperature is very low. Double-layer tents can withstand part of the cold; another reason is good air permeability, exhalation, water vapor, etc. can pass through the inner tent and condense on the outer tent, so that the sleeping bag will not be wet.

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